Why do we need Apple in our daily meal?


Apple’s uses

Apple is rich in Iron and Phosphorous. It increases the skin glow and gives a perfect figure to the body. It strengthens the brain and energizes the body. Fruits which is rich in Iron should be taken by Anemic persons.

Writers fruit

Reading with Apple
Reading with Apple

As soon as we consume Apple, the fruit sucrose in it is absorbed into the blood and supply glucose to the brain. Along with the phosphorous to is absorbed in the blood and includes the brain cells and so it helps the thinkers, readers, writers, and doctors.

Regeneration of cells

Which fruits to eat during pregnancy? Vitamin C in Apple helps in Anti Oxidants activity. Apple increases the immunity because of boron. So Apple is necessary for all age people. It reduces the cholesterol and it does not allow the pathogens and toxins to remain in the body. It is rich in fiber and loosens the stool as it is used for the treatment of constipation.

How should we consume Apple

Consume Apple with skin
Consume Apple with skin

After washing and wiping the fruit, it has to be consumed with skin. the acid in the fruit heals the problems in the tooth and gums. Vitamin A is 5 fold times richer than in the flesh, so we should not peel the skin. A human brain can be stimulated by having it regularly. The inner part of the fruit’s skin is rich in Vitamin C. So it prevents all types of cancers. It works well with breast cancer and intestinal cancer. It works well with breast cancer and intestinal cancer. Pregnant Women Need Best Food Per Day and fruits in their course of time.

Jaundice can be prevented by consuming Apple

Malic acid in this fruit keeps all intestines, liver, brain, and kidneys to be healthy always. Hepatitis, Nephrolithiasis, Cholelithiasis(Gallbladder Stone) can be reduced if we consume it twice a day. It maintains the hemostasis of the blood. By then it reduces the risk of heart attack(Myo Cardiol Infraction).

Methods to heal problems with the help of Apple

Uric acid in this fruit heals the Joint pain in Arthritis patients. Cooked fruit should be consumed orally and also should be kept over the affected parts. It will help in Joint inflammation.

  • People who are getting treatment for eye disorders can have it’s juice regularly for a month.
  • Two Apple a day reduces the bad cholesterol (Low-density Lipoproteins). the dissolvable fiber pectin reduces the bad cholesterol and treats 30% of intestinal cancer.
  • The naturally found Salicylates and copper help in healing the headache and calms down the neurons and reduces a headache.
  • If it is consumed with the skin, it will reduce the free radicals in the elderly people and keep their skin young.


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