Egg-shaped fruit, which is called as Apricot is the best tonic for a healthy body. This fruit has to ripen in the tree for consumption.


Apricot was consumed by the ancient Greek people for food and medicinal purposes for various diseases. Romans dedicated this fruit to their goddess Venus. Apricot can be consumed either as fresh fruit or as dried. It can also be preserved and have it as a drink. Wine can be prepared using this fruit.

Nutritional Value

Value of Fresh fruit: Per 100 grams        Value of dried fruit: Per 100 grams

Carbohydrates         – 12%                      Carbohydrates – 74%

Protein                    – 1%                        Protein            – 7%

Potassium                – 7%                        Calcium          – 5%

Calcium                   – 1%                        Phosphorous   – 70milligram

Iron                        – 2%                         Vitamins        – 1%

Total Calories          – 50                           Total Calories – 300

Fruit for stamina

Apricot gives 74% of carbohydrates which is necessary to run a healthy body. The sucrose in this fruit is rich and gives freshness and stamina. Iron in this fruit will make blood flow easier. Vitamin C in this fruit helps iron contents dissolved in the blood instantly. So that anemia can be cured swiftly.

Apricots can stop Heart attacks

Dried apricots
Dried apricots

High calcium food reduces the blood pressure and provides strength to the bones. Dried Apricots provide the required calcium to people of all ages. It will provide enough calcium to teeth and makes the nervous system relaxed and gives a sound sleep. So that blood pressure, paralysis and heart attacks can be prevented by consuming dried Apricots regularly. Some other fruits which can prevent heart diseases.

For brainy kids

The amount of phosphorous in Apricot is sufficient enough for the body to make the brain cells active. So growing children to elders require this fruit in their daily routine. The persons who are suffering from slugginess, visual acuity, and brain exhaust can be prevented by having this fruit beforehand. And also this fruit helps to increase the growth of brain cells. Doctors give a piece of advice to the anemia patients to have walnuts and apricots regularly because of its richness in iron and phosphorous.


Apricot loosens the hard stool and cleans the intestines. Apricot has a fiber named pectin and helps in destroying cancer cells. Obese people can take apricots to dissolve fat and tighten the muscles and make the body fit. So we need to take fruits to cure constipation.

Remedy for muscle pain

Apricot oil
Apricot oil

Oil taken from Apricot nut is rich in protein and fat. This oil helps with nerve disorders and heals muscle pains. it can also be used as a topical application over the injured area to fasten the healing process. This oil destroys the worms in the intestine if taken regularly at night. So to have a good functioning and a healthy body one should have a minimum of one fruit a day fresh or dried.





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