B vitamin and its family

B vitamin
B vitamin

B Vitamin

B vitamin is a bit complicated than vitamin A, which is why it is called as B complex. We cannot find a separate vitamin B; there are vitamins B1, B2 and so on. There are so many vitamins in the name of B complex. We are going to see in this article about the common factors which B vitamins have.

B Vitamins and their name

  • Vitamin B1 – Thiamine
  • Vitamin B2  – Riboflavin
  • Vitamin B3 – Niacin
  • Vitamin B5 – Pantothenic
  • Vitamin B6 – Pyridoxine
  • Vitamin B7 – Biotin
  • Vitamin B8 – Folate
  • Vitamin B12 – Cobalamin

All the above vitamins are water-soluble vitamins. So we don’t have to monitor the level of b vitamins we intake in our body. Because excess B vitamins will be sent out of our body through urine. But at the same time, this vitamin cannot be stored in the body like vitamin A. Vitamin A can be consumed three or four days a week so that the body can store it for the rest of the week. So we need to intake this B vitamin daily. The requirement of B vitamin per day is low compared to Vitamin A. So knowing the food with this vitamin will sort the problem. The benefits of combining the B vitamins are higher than to consume it separately. So it is advisable to intake this in right proportion regularly.


Most importantly, the vitamins B1, B2 and B6 combination is healthier. We can intake these combination vitamins as tablets too. Initially, people considered all the B vitamins as one, because we get those combinations in one food which is impossible in another vitamin family. Only further research provides us a clarity that they are different from their core, which has different types, branches and works differently in our body. Only after that, they got their special names.

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