Bananas and its benefits


Bananas remove Infertility

Bananas cure the problems in the liver and also help in the segregation of urine.  Intake of bananas after supper will help in infertility as it increases the sexual interest and helps in semen production. This was done by the amino acid named arginine

Along with other nutrients we also get nitrogen in Banana and Amino acids in it.

Amino Acids1 gram


As it has 12 types of amino acids in it, we consider this fruit as a protein-rich on which can be given to infants as their first solid food. It also gives lots of calories required for the body. Moreover, it has a liberal amount of Vitamin B which provides strength to the body. Niacin (Vitamin B5) produces immunity power to the body.   Peritoxin (Vitamin B6) flushes out the toxins from the body and prevents from fatigue. It also manages mood swings to the women during their menstrual days. Manganese salt and Vitamin C in Banana strengthens the immunity system.

Weight loss and Weight gain

Intake of six bananas along with 100grams of vegetables will help in weight reduction as it has arginine in it. This method should be followed for fifteen days to get proper results. Water can be drunk in case of hunger. The number of bananas should be eventually reduced after 15 days. So we will attain our required weight on our 21st day. The weight can be maintained with proper exercises and limited food. Four bananas with milk after dinner will help in weight gain. The calcium in the milk and carbos in bananas will help in gaining good fat. We can also eat this fruit with honey.

Morning Breakfast

Two to three bananas can replace our breakfast as it has proteins and carbohydrates in it. So this also assures to keep our body calm until lunch.

To be a Vegan

Banana in our diet
Banana in our diet

We consume meat as we require protein for our body. As this fruit provides us proteins the need of meat is eliminated. It repairs the cells and regenerates the cells if necessary. This fruit calms down the nervous system also the lycine in bananas protects the thyroid gland. So it monitors the body weight and keeps us stress-free. It protects liver so people who got addicted to smoking and drinking should eat this fruit. Cystine in this fruit prevents the damage to liver and brain. American and German people use this fruit and import them a lot. As we believe that intake of right fruits will eliminate diseases we need to include this fruit in our daily meal as it has 12 types of proteins in it.

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