Benefits of Banyan fruit

Banyan Fruit
Banyan Fruit

Banyan Fruit for Infertility

Treats Infertility
Treats Infertility

Infertility is common for both male and female. Banyan Fruit helps in male impotence and to get conceived without spending more bucks to the gynecologist. This fruit helps in producing enough sperm and increases the level of Hemoglobin in blood. Both husband and wife need to have this fruit which helps in getting a healthy sperm and to get conceived. So that the body gets stamina and removes infertility.

Consumption Of Banyan Fruit 

  • Ripen Banyan Fruit should be dried under shade in a clean cotton cloth.
  • Grind these dried fruits into a fine powder.
  • An equal amount of Sugar or Jaggery should be added to this amount of this powder.
  • Store this powder into an airtight jar and preserve it for use.
  • One spoon of this powder should be mixed with milk to drink it twice a day.

For Shining and Healthy skin

The newly wedded couple or the people who want to get conceived can have this powdered milk twice in a day. This powder also provides bright skin to both the mother and the baby. The Amino acid in Banyan Fruit helps in giving a good and healthy skin to the body. Spinach, Yogurt, and Milk are some other foods which provide this acid. Fruits which helps for a healthy skin is given here.

Women’s Fruit

Increases the chances of getting pregnant
Increases the chances of getting pregnant

Banyan fruit helps in reducing the body pain since it has the fiber content in it. Women should start consuming this fruit twice a day along with potato or banana ten days before their periods and ten days after their periods to get conceived soon as these foods have an excess of potassium and sodium in it. This fruit helps women more than men. So it is advisable to have this fruit along with dried fruits and juices when they are pregnant. Though it helps women a lot, it also provides strength to the men who consume Banyan fruit a lot.

Helps in Getting Pregnant

It is wise that women need to eat a certain amount of this fruit regularly right after their first mensuration. So that they will not get any problem in getting pregnant. It is preferable to eat this food, rather than spending bucks in a hospital for treatment to get conceived. How can I increase my chances of getting pregnant?

Refreshes the body

Consumption of this fruit refreshes the body and mind. So that our body will be well built and gives a Crystal clear mindset to have a long and healthy life.



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