What are the health benefits of Strawberry?


Strawberry’s qualities

Strawberry is the one of the most fragrant filled fruit in this world. As it belongs to the family of berry, it is fleshy and gives happiness to the consumer. As it is filled with taste, smell and appetite, it can be eaten raw. It is used in ice creams and jams just for its rich taste and smell. Consumption of this fruit cools down the body removing heat. It is one of the essential fruit in purifying our blood. People who are suffering from skin diseases must consume this fruit regularly. Strawberry is essential for women to stay beautiful along with their beauty sleep. So it revives and rejuvenates both health and beauty.

Roman’s medicinal fruit

Ancient Romans used this fruit as medicine for all kinds of diseases. It is because it provides strength and acts as an energy giving fruit to the body. As it has an equal amount of vitamin C like lemon and orange it prevents scurvy disease. The leaves of strawberry induce the secretion of urine. the leaves should be boiled down and the water should be drunk for the treatment. This water also cures the problems in kidneys and stomach. Regular consumption of this fruit keeps kidney, gallbladder, and liver. Romans used it as a medicine to cure kidney stones and knee swelling. This fruit kills the virus and bacteria which are responsible for communicable diseases. It also kills the viruses responsible for all kinds of cancer.

Keeps us young

To look young and healthy
To look young and healthy

The hardest task of our life is to keep us young forever. The easiest way to keep our blood purified and clean. The vitamin C in this fruit kills all the diseases and prevents aging. Thought we get vitamin C from fruits like guavapapaya, and lemon. But strawberry has cancer killing anti-oxidants along with vitamin C. This particular vitamin cures wrinkles and diseases in the skin. A protein named collagen which can be found in bone tissues is formed with the help of vitamin C. Deficiency of vitamin C will slow down the process of binding the tissues together which results in early aging. It also slows down the healing process of existing wounds in the body.

Protects the skin

Deficiency of vitamin C in our body results in loosening of skin. Consumption of strawberry will maintain the level of vitamin C in our body. It protects the skin, purifies it and gives a glow to the skin. Eating this fruit with a pinch of pepper daily reduces body weight. So we need to intake strawberry along with groundnut to be active, healthy and to look young.

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