The birth symptoms are should know by pregnant women. When the child receives for the first time, the delivery time usually lasts from thirteen to fourteen hours and lasts about eight to nine hours if the child already has a baby. The length of childbirth will vary from person to person.

Birth symptoms at delivery

What are the birth symptoms?
What are the birth symptoms?

Throughout pregnancy, the muscles of the womb will shrink and get ready for delivery. You may notice that these contractions often happen in the last period of pregnancy. After the abdomen, the lid is loosened. These contractions are generally painless and differ from the contraction during pregnancy.

Some women have a few weeks before delivery, and the delivery begins and ends. If you have never had before or have a new stomach pain or have a different back pain or a blood transfusion or a breakdown of water in the stroke, you may immediately consult your doctor.

Many of the birth symptoms:

The symptoms during pregnancy are as follows.

Regular muscle tightness

What are the birth symptoms?
What are the birth symptoms?

Initially, there will be very little muscle tightness. Spine the back. Some people may be severely strained as the pains that develop when menstruation occurs. Sometimes it may be like spitting or diarrhea.

There is a slight gap between each tightness. Gradually increases tightness and often begin to come. When they come in continuously every ten or fifteen minutes, you think you can not cope. This time is the time to get pregnant.

Leak before birth

Before the onset of labor pain or early pregnancy, the chicken breaking out of the neck of the uterus will break through the genitalia. This is the name of the cowbell before birth. This occurs before you have a painful pain. With a small amount of glue, you’ll notice that the color of the juice is sunny.

At the leak before labor pain, a small amount of mild loss will be mixed with slurry. If there is a high blood pressure symptom of something wrong, you should go to the hospital or medical center immediately.

Break the amnion

The baby’s floating ice may break down before labor pain starts or the pain is taken correctly. Before the onset of maternal pain begins to break the ice and slowly pass through the genital gland or the other cannot be controlled.

Without any precaution, you can get water from the ice. If you get pregnant and you’re going to go out, take a cloth in your hand.


The gynecologist examines you and how do you feel? He will inquire about what is happening. Check your pulse, body heat and blood pressure and check the urine. By touching your abdomen and seeing the child’s horizon, he will see how its heart rate is. Inside the body, you will be able to inspect your necks to see how much the neck is open. What are the pregnancy test requirements?

Washing the furrows

Hairs on your cloak should be wasted. Some hospitals do not dilute it. In the opening of the vagina, they often fall. The doctor will pay your medication or enema into your anus. In a few minutes, you will go to the toilet and drain bowls. Some women naturally and easily find their intestines lying in front of the labor pain.

Bathing at labor pain 

When weeping too much, some hospitals will have a baby bathing. This is done because bathing in warm water can slow down the early labor pains.

Depending on your child’s pain, you will be taken straight to the delivery room. If you go to the first room first, they will be taken to the delivery room when the baby is born. The doctor and his assistants will be able to provide pain relief.


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