Black Plum and its benefits

Black Plum
Black Plum

Black Plum

Black Plum has its origin to India; it is mostly available during the rainy season. It is available in two shapes – round and oval. It has both sweet and alkaline taste in it.

Black plum for Diabetes

This fruit has the medicinal properties to cure diabetes. So people can eat these fruit up to 200 grams a day during its season. This fruit helps in curing diabetes. The seeds of this fruit should be dried in sunlight and ground into a fine powder. This powder should be consumed with water for three times a day. This method will reduce the sucrose level in the urine for diabetes patients. Most of the fruits can be eaten raw but this fruit should be eaten along with a pinch a salt to increase the taste of it. Apart from diabetes patients, anyone can eat this fruit with salt; diabetes people can eat the raw fruit.

To get rid of hemorrhoids

People who are suffering from piles can eat a handful of this fruit during its season every morning with or without salt. This method should be continued for three months to get cured completely of piles. It can be continued during its next season though piles can be cured its first session itself. It also helps in the functioning of glands with its vitamin C and Vitamin D. So piles along with diabetes can be cured for sure. Research says that liver and digestive system can be easily stimulated to function properly by this fruit.

Black plum – A nutritious fruit

The vitamins and nutrients in this fruit cool the body. It has lots f calories along with proteins, fat, starch, calcium, phosphorous which strengthens the brain. It also has a small amount of iron, thiamin, riboflavin, and niacin in it. Vitamin C in this fruit prevents the formation of stones in kidneys. Magnesium in this fruit speeds up the process of curing diabetes. Potassium helps in the stable heartbeat; sodium monitors the water level in our body. Copper helps in absorbing the iron and vitamin C to the body. It also has brimstone which purifies the blood and in the secretion of fluids in the liver. As it is possessed with lots of vitamins, we have to intake this fruit whenever possible as it rejuvenates our health.

For stomach upset

This seed powder of this fruit helps in controlling both diarrhea and dysentery. This powder should be taken along with buttermilk to get immediate recovery from the above-mentioned problems.

For frequent urination and leprosy

Frequent urination can b controlled with the help of this plum’s seeds. The seed of this fruit should be powdered and should be consumed with a glass of water twice a day to cure the above-mentioned problem. The juice of this fruit helps in dissolving kidney stones and leprosy. This fruit also cures spleen related problems. To prepare juice, the oval shaped black plums are used.

Black plum juice and its benefits

Black plum juice
Black plum juice

Diabetes patients can reduce the level of sucrose in the body within fifteen days of its consumption. This fruit can completely cure diabetes in three months. For this, that person has to drink the juice of this fruit three times a day. This juice controls the secretion of bile juice and cures constipation. This juice cures all kinds of stomach pains. It helps in the functioning of the heart and cures anemia. The salts in the fruits like potassium, magnesium, and iron are liberal in this fruit which also cures the pain in kidneys.

Points to be noted while consuming this fruit

  • As this fruit has rare medicinal qualities, it has to be treated as a medicine.
  • So from kids to all aged people should consume this fruit in limited quality.
  • Excess consumption of this fruit leads to a cough and hardened throat.
  • The juice of this fruit has to be prepared only after soaking this fruit for an hour.
  • Both the fruit and its juice should not be taken in empty stomach.
  • People need to avoid milk for three to four hours before and after the consumption of this fruit.

Cures Infertility

Vitamin E is essential to cure female infertility. The leaves of this fruit have vitamin E in it, so the leaves should be boiled and the boiled water should be consumed along with butter or honey to obtain the required vitamin E. This water can also help in preventing miscarriage. Men who drink this water can stabilize the heartbeat as it has vitamin E in it.

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