Getting pregnant is not easy and also that is a good feel for human being in the world. Every woman born as a woman should be a mother. It should be born without a problem in pregnancy, a good healthy child. I think she should be called “mother”. If you are a man, you will want to call him “dad”. This is not the expectation of some women. But, unfortunately, some women are not able to become ‘mother’. It may be due to their physical condition, inheritance reasons, chronic diseases, and malnutrition.

Factors to solve childlessness and getting pregnant

  • If you are diagnosed with the help of the appropriate physician, you can find the best possible remedies for childbearing.
  • A man’s work ends with a woman pregnant with intercourse or other artificial insemination. But pregnancy is the safest way to keep the baby from getting pregnant.
  • She will be pregnant with a “compulsion” to restrain her health, sorrow, and dislike for the baby. That is why she should be more concerned about her welfare.
  • Childhood can be called life-threatening. About 15% of married couples have been affected by childbirth. This figure is still going up by the current lifestyle.
  • Body weight is very important for childhood. Both male and female should be physically balanced in terms of height and weight called BMI (Basel Metabolic Index or Body Mass Index).
  • BMI can be calculated by the formula of kg/m2 (1 meter=100cms, meters* meters).
  • Whether it’s male or female, this BMI should be right. If the BMI below 18.5 is below 18.5-24.9, the correct weight is 25-29.9 if the obesity is over 30, the higher the obesity.
  • According to the BMI account, the baby’s weight will be lower if the body weight is low. More than that, the baby will be forced to leave. In fact, it is more appropriate for women than men.
  • For women, if they have the right body weight (BMI), they are more likely to conceive and have a baby.
  • Generally, women are more physical than men. We all eat the tongue tasting. Only women are exceptional. As a crunching snack, we eat more than enough calories.
  • In today’s period, labor has decreased. If the body’s labor decreases, the problem of obesity increases. This is a hundredth hundred in terms of women. Pregnancy tips for new mums to get a healthy baby

Why should we eat according to body weight?

How can I increase my chances of getting pregnant?
How can I increase my chances of getting pregnant?

Men are physically involved in physical activity, such as going out. But most women are at home. In that period, if men went to work, women did homework.

But women in the home are doing small jobs. In some cases, those who are comfortable with it do not even do those small jobs, and they employ personnel for household jobs.

Thus, they do not get the job of clean work. More men also do the exercise to maintain the body structure as they go out. Women are a little behind in this matter.

Do not do homework too. Exercise does not do. When the tongue is tasteless, the need for calories to increase body weight increases.

So, if women like this have eaten their body weight, the calorie intake will not be enough to increase body weight. After that, their health is also good and the child will not have trouble.


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