Cherry Fruit

Cherry fruit is consumed by most of the people as it is spread all over the world. It has lots of nutrients and immunity power in it. The taste of this fruit is a mixture of tart and sweet. This fruit is available in two colors and can be eaten raw. It is a rare fruit which has flavonoids along with many minerals such as fiber and ellagic acid.

Nutrients in Cherry

Niacin helps in dissolving the cholesterol and strengthens the skin, Peritoxin helps in protecting the nervous system and the brain. Both these vitamins in this fruit keep our mind happy and healthy. Beta-carotene rejuvenates the body and increases the lifespan. Folic acid in this fruit aids in preventing anemia, Boron salt strengthens calcium present in the skeletal system. Other minerals such as iron, magnesium, calcium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium and selenium prevent aging and keep the body young.

Recipes with cherry

Cherry in desserts
Cherry in desserts

Cherry can be made as a fruit salad along with fruits like Peach, Pineapple, and Grapes. Dry Cherry can be added to cakes, bread, cookies, and ice creams. A flavonoid named anthocyanin gives this voluptuous color to this fruit. It is a strong antioxidant, so it strengthens the body and safeguards us from the diseases like osteoporosis and keeps the nervous system healthy. As this fruit provides the necessary boron required to do the job, it keeps us active and healthy at any age. Anthocyanin also strengthens the blood vessels which in turn aids with young and glowing skin.

Diseases cured by Cherry

Like red wine, consumption of this fruit also protects the heart and keep it healthy. An antioxidant named quercitin which cures cancer is also present in this fruit. It cures knee swelling and dissolves uric acid present in the body.A combination of two antioxidants is present only in this fruit. One is dismutase which protects windpipe, food pipe and joints.

Induces sleep

Gives good fruit
Gives good sleep

Another antioxidant is melatonin which eradicates free radicals from the body. It also provides immunity power to the body. The decrease of melatonin leads to sleeplessness, vitiligo and breast cancer. So the inclusion of this fruit will shoo away the above problems. That is why the food prepared in flights will have a large amount of melatonin to induce sleep. It also prevents tumors in the brain and ensures the free flow of blood. The vitamin b3 and b5 in this fruit help in the preparation of this melatonin in our body. That is why it is regarded as one among the nutritious fruit.

Antioxidants in this fruit

Another antioxidant named proanthocyanidins monitor the level of histamine secretion in our body and ensure zero percent of swelling in our body. Swelling also can be reduced by this antioxidants. Cherry cures early aging, nerve disorders, and diabetes problems effectively. The antioxidants in this fruit give good eyesight and remove any hurdles in it. Beta-carotene in this fruit guards the body against lung cancer. It also increases the function of the thymus gland and stimulates the d-cells to work actively. Either cherry or dry cherry should be consumed throughout the year.

Flushes out communicable diseases out of our body

The ellagic acid which cures diseases like cancer is so liberal in cherries and berries. So people who smoke and eat meat a lot need to have this fruit to get the required vitamin C for the body. People can consume dries cherry if they could not get the fresh ones. Vitamin C controls free radicals which cause aging and keep us young. This fruit also protects us from the communicable diseases which are caused by virus and bacterias. Vitamin C also strengthens the body and guards the eyes against eye diseases. The selenium salt in this fruit increases the stamina of immunity power and shields the body.


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