Cloves and its uses


Cloves and its uses

Cloves are a small aromatic bud from the tree which is deep brown in color. This flower bud is used mostly in cooking for the aroma. We can even extract oil from this flower. This oil is used for medicinal purposes. Cloves also help to cure some diseases.

To get rid of a headache

Six or seven cloves should be taken for this home remedy. Those cloves should be grounded into a thick paste. This paste should be applied in the forehead liberally. This method will help in curing headache.

For a toothache

Three to four flower buds should be taken and squeezed. It should be kept in the infected tooth and keep the mouth shut. The placement of this bud should be placed diagonally and also on the spot. When the intensity of it goes off, we can spit it off. We need to gargle our mouth with hot water after this treatment. This will reduce the intensity of a toothache.

To stop nausea for pregnant women

Around thirty cloves should be taken and squeezed. Those buds should be put it in two cups of water in a wide open vessel. This water can be kept aside after it gets condensed to one glass. This water should be filtered and kept aside. This filtered water should be drunk three times a day. A small amount of this water mixed with palm sugar or brown sugar can be taken regularly to avoid nausea during pregnancy.

For all types of fever

Clove tonic can be used as a home remedy for all kinds of fever. This flower bud along with dried ginger, licorice, and snap ginger should be taken an equal amount. All the above should be patted and squeezed before dropping it into a vessel of boiling hot water. It can be put off after the water gets condensed into half of the quantity. This water should be taken as a tonic three times a day. People, who cannot drink raw water, can add some palm sugar in it. This tonic should be drunk warm, three times a day daily till the fever goes off.

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