Dates and its medicinal uses


To be active throughout the day most of the people in this world consume dates as their main ingredient to gain energy. People in Arab countries eat meat a lot, still, they don’t suffer from the heart attack like the rest of the world as they eat dates and pomegranate daily.

Dates and its salts

The calcium in this fruit relaxes the blood vessels and reduces blood pressure so they chances of getting heart blocks and being paralyzed are reduced. The calcium salt present in the body is monitored by the boron salt present in this fruit and makes sure it does not decrease or increase the body. The boron salt also protects women from osteoporosis (making bones fragile). Three to four dates will increase the estrogen level in the blood and protect bones. This fruit protects the bones and increases the sperm count for men.

Uses of this fruit

Dates also prevent us from heart attacks. Other fruits which prevent us from heart attacks are listed here. This fruit has a natural aspirin named salicylates so it prevents blood clots in nerves and veins. The aspirin in this fruit dissolves the fat produced by fatty meals and removes bad cholesterol and cures intestinal cancer. So everyone should make it a practice to eat dates every night after our meal. To cure constipation the following method will help us to get rid of that problem. Soak two to three dates at night and eat that fruit with the soaked water in morning. This method will help to heal constipation soon.

To stop the craving for alcohol

The toxins in the body of alcohol addicted persons can be removed with the help of dates. To get the cure for the hangover, soaked fruit along with its water should be consumed by the persons to get rid of the hangover. Since it is not a seasoned fruit it is available throughout the year for consumption. So it is advisable to include this fruit in our daily meal to stay healthy forever.

How to consume this fruit

Dates soaked in milk
Dates soaked in milk

This fruit should be consumed after removing the seed, The fruit part near the seed contains Fructose and Glucose which are natural sugars. These rich naturals sugars give strength and energy to the body as it is absorbed by the body easily. And also the blood in our body absorbs the required iron in this fruit as it has Vitamin C in it. So Anemia can be cured easily along with many other diseases. Though this fruit can be eaten raw, it is best to have it boiled with milk. This method will give more nutrients and also cures nose bleeding, cough, dry cough, and cold. Iron content in this fruit helps with the removal of fatigue and keeps us active throughout the day. Women who are suffering from uterus related problems should consume dates along with milk.

Can be used as a tonic

Dates can be viewed as a rich nutritious tonic, as it is absorbed by the body soon after its consumption. And also the nutrients in this fruit starts to repair the body, purifies the blood and removes the toxins. This fruit can be taken once or twice in a day, as it protects the body and also restores the lost health for all ages. The nicotinic in dates is nothing but vitamin niacin, which increases the production of good bacterias. Because of this intestine and stomach, related problems can be avoided. The water soaked dates can be taken thrice in a week to protect us from heart diseases.

Cures Infertility

How can I increase my chances of getting pregnant?
How can I increase my chances of getting pregnant?

Both male and female infertility can be cured by this fruit if it is taken with correct procedure. Around 30 grams of dates should be soaked in goat milk at night, the next morning a pinch of cardamom powder and a spoon of honey should be mixed with this fruit mixture and consume it at morning. This mixture will cure male and female infertility and gives strength to the body and increases the possibility of getting pregnant. This fruit mixture can be consumed till they get pregnant. As this fruit is filled with iron, pregnant women need not have to take iron from other supplements. Three to four dates is enough for the body as it absorbs iron soon after its consumption. Also see: How can I increase my chances of getting pregnant?


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