Can diseases be cured by Orange?


Benefits of Orange

Orange is the richest fruit of calcium. It is equal to three cups of cow’s milk. It immediately helps us to keep us fresh throughout the day. A lifespan of a human being can be increased by consuming Orange.


It is rich in vitamin C and calcium which aids in cell generation and helps the cardiac muscles to contract and relax without resistance.It also strengthens the tooth and the nervous system and prevents bone cancer. Orange helps in treating Anorexia, constipation, and aids in digestion and excretes the waste products thoroughly.

Communicable diseases can be cured

Orange mixed with honey can cure all sorts of heart diseases. It increases the immunity power so that WBC’s will fight against the pathogen effect and heals the infection. It acts as a medicine and thirst controller during fever. So it purifies blood and heals hemorrhoids(Piles) and cools the body.Some other food which controls and heals constipation.


People with Asthma
People with Asthma

Cold, cough, asthma, tuberculosis, ulcers can be healed if we mix honey with orange juice and consume regularly. It can cure all cold-related problems especially lung disorder. Even coryza (Running nose) can be cured with the help of Orange.

Thyroid Gland

The thyroid gland controls the heart, lung, and metabolism of the body. So having it helps the thyroid to function optimally. It requires vitamin C to secrete the hormones and enzymes.

Nutritional Value

Water               – 87%

Protein              – 0.9%

Fat                    -0.3%

Carbohydrates   – 11%

Magnesium        – 2%


Orange dissolves in blood soon after it’s consumption. So it gives instant freshness to the body. To have a clean digestive track one need to have it at least thrice in a week. It will cleanse the digestive system and avoids constipation. We need to have these fruits to avoid piles and constipation

Pregnancy Problems

Pregnant Women Need
Pregnant Women Need

Nausea which is more prevalent in pregnant women can be reduced by in taking Oranges. Lactating mothers should consume a half cup of orange juice to increase the milk production. So it is necessary for pregnant women to have these fruits at this time. Also, it helps to gain weight during the postpregnancy period.

Patients who must consume Oranges

Patients with Intestinal Cancer, Throat Cancer must consume Oranges to reduce its effects. People above 60 years should have it once a day to attain strength.





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