Fruits to eat during pregnancy, Many types of fruits are good for the health and the child in the stomach. Which of the following fruits list to eat during pregnancy.Since the levels of nutrients in them are given, pregnant women will be able to select and eat fruit according to their needs.

Fruits to eat during pregnancy 

Which fruits to eat during pregnancy?
Which fruits to eat during pregnancy?

Every day, eating a fruit is good for a healthy pregnancy. Due to the abundance of minerals and vitamin supplements, fruit is a great natural medicine for pregnant women.

It is wrong if you think that nutrients are in the expensive fruit. Apple’s non-nutrient nutrients are also cheaper in guava. Guava has vitamins and proteins. There are many times more vitamin C in the nettle than the orange fruit. Vitamin A is high in mangoes.

Seeds, sapota, oranges, sathukudi, and mango are available freely. Eat more to get a healthy, healthy baby.

We see some of the fruits that pregnant women eat and a number of nutrients in them. (100 grams of nutrients). Pregnancy food

Banana to eat during pregnancy 

Which fruits to eat during pregnancy?
Which fruits to eat during pregnancy?

Banana is one of the most nutritious fruits. Poovan Banana is the nutrition of the poor. If pregnant women eat a banana every day, they can prevent males from coming. Children who are grown bananas do not need much nutrition. All the major nutrients needed for the physical development of children are all available on the web. But people are still not aware of the importance of bananas. Prices should be cheaper and are likely to be eaten annually throughout the year.

S.No  Name of the fruits   Water   Protein   Cholesterol   Lactose   Lime   Iron   

(Gms)     (Gms)      (Gms)           (Gms)     (Gms)  (Gms)

1        Banana                      61.4        1.3          0.2               36.4        0.01    0.4

2        Guava                        76.1        1.5          0.2               14.5        0.01     1

3         Apple                        86.1        0.3          0.1              13.4        0.01      1.7

4         Mango                       86          0.6          0.1               11.8        0.01      0.3

5         Dates                        26.1        3             0.2              67.3        0.07      10.6

6         Grapes                      79           0.6          0.4             13.2         0.02       0.5

7         Tomato                     94.5           1           0.1              3.9         0.01        1

8         pomegranate             7.8           1.6         0.1               14.6        0.01       0.3

Guava to eat during pregnancy

If you eat a guava fruit every morning after breakfast, the heart is getting stronger and the blood is clean.

Apple to eat during pregnancy

Apple is well aware of the protection of blood water and the purification of blood.

Mango to eat during pregnancy

Mango has a lot of nutrients like the banana. There are many nutrients in all kinds of mangoes. If the stone is brewed and caused by the stone, if the mango juice continues drinking, the stone will dissolve and go out with the urine. If the mango is hot, pregnant women can eat it freely.

Dates to eat during pregnancy

The dates are beneficial for muscle development and physical strength. If you eat the dates in the milk, you will have good blood products and health benefits.

Grapes to eat during pregnancy

All kinds of grapes are medicinal. It’s okay even if it’s green or dry. Green grapes are good for gastrointestinal disorders. If you eat a few grapes in the milk you eat more than eating dried wine, you will get stronger strength.

Tomato to eat during pregnancy

In our country, tomatoes are not considered fruit. Consider a vegetable used for cooking. But people who can not afford other types of fruit eat raw food without cooked tomato fruit can increase the strength and strength of the body. Tomato fruit is a prescription for a weak body. Suitable for blood production. Pregnant women can eat and eat tomato fruit that gives a consistent blood flow.


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