Pregnancy diabetes is common in during pregnancy. Because many women have fewer nutrients to suffer. They are continuing in pregnancy and are continuing for a life time to someone. So the health of pregnant women is very important. The mother’s health impact is likely to affect the baby’s stomach. For most women, diabetes occurs easily during pregnancy. So, let’s look at it in detail about it and other pregnancy diseases.

Diabetes in pregnancy 

What are the effects of pregnancy diabetes?
What are the effects of pregnancy diabetes?

Around five hundred and one women have diabetes. In the course of pregnancy, around five hundred two will come to this disease. That is why doctor insist that a diabetes test should be performed earlier. If you do not control diabetes, the baby dies in the womb or born and die. There are 80 % chance of being born with a defective child.

Diabetes in pregnancy can disappear after delivery. More than 10 % of women have diabetic again within ten years ten years after delivery. 40 % of women have diabetes again within twenty years after delivery.

Why is pregnancy diabetes growing?

Diabetes occurs during pregnancy because of increased blood sugar levels and increased blood pressure. It should be examined on the twelfth week of pregnancy and check whether the baby is growing healthy. Dietary regulation and hypertension control should be followed.

Is it possible to get delayed miscarriage of pregnancy diabetes?

Usually, miscarriage occurs within eight to twelve weeks. Sometimes it occurs in the twelfth and twentieth weeks of miscarriage. This is a delayed miscarriage.

The uterus has the ability to hold tight the baby down. Sometimes, when the uterus becomes weakened, the fetus begins to quiet and unstoppable. This causes miscarriage. If the physician has previously found that such a problem will arise, he will tighten the uterine neck tightly through treatment. This will not cause miscarriage. Otherwise, pregnancy diabetes does not reason for this. What is the effect of pregnancy diseases?

Importance of rubella vaccine

The rubella virus is different from other viruses. Newly formed tissues are like sweet to eats. Within the tenth week, the enter into nearly formed tissues and begin to attack them. If the infection occurs as the baby’s heart, ears and skull will occur in pregnancy. Heart hole, heart problems, deafness loss, eye rash, lack of brain development, and unfavorable levels of skull growth. There will be a problem continuously like that.

More than fifty percent of the affected infections are exacerbated by this virus infection. Some of the times are born and lives. To avoid this, an abortion occurs within a period of twelve weeks of the infection is found.


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