Female infertility and its reasons

Female infertility
Female infertility

Female infertility

Female infertility cannot be identified until women plans for a baby. When they could not conceive for two or more years even after planning for a baby they realize infertility in them.

Factors causing infertility

Some of the factors responsible for female infertility are heredity, hormonal imbalance, early periods, ovary wounds, and some psychological problems. It can be seen in detail below.


If someone from the women’s family was affected by infertility then there are chances for her to get affected by infertility.

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Not ovulating

Contraceptive pills prevent the release of the egg from the ovary so that the sperm cannot reach the egg. Even after the stoppage of pills, when the body forgets to signal it back to normal, the release of the egg is prevented, which is also a reason for not ovulating. So ovulating should be taken a note like we care for a regular period. Regular periods carries regular ovulation.The hormonal imbalance will also prevent the release of the egg. Ovulation can be identified by the below symptoms.

  • Lower abdomen pain
  • Heaviness in chest region

Immature ovarian follicles

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) will not allow the egg to mature properly. This syndrome causes the growth of immature ovarian follicles not releasing the egg. Even the releasing of an egg during this syndrome will not be fertile enough for conceiving. So PCOS is also the main reason for female infertility.

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Problems in Thyroid gland

The excess secretion or low secretion in thyroid gland will create infertility. If the period cycle comes in 36 days, or low blood flow during periods or bad odor during periods will not release the ovulation of egg. Excess workout or running may also cause difficulties in the ovulation. So if a woman notices these problems she has to reduce exercises and workouts till she gets periods regularly.

Wounds in Ovaries

People who have undergone surgeries to remove ovary cysts will have scars in it. These scars can be easily affected by communicable diseases, this may cause infertility as the sperm cannot enter into the egg. Proper treatment should be taken for ovaries to get conceived.

Premature menopause 

Premature menopause affect fertility
Premature menopause affect fertility

An average onset age for menopause is 50, if it occurs before 40 years of age then it is called premature menopause. Women who do not have ovaries by birth or whose ovaries are not fully developed or women who are suffering from Turner syndrome will lose the functioning of ovaries. These persons will have short stature and have a low level of estrogen in them. These kinds of problems should be diagnosed before their first periods and to be treated. If not infertility cannot be treated as the ovaries are not grown fully.

Psychological reasons

Mood swings may result in the change of period cycle and result in infertility by not releasing the egg. This can happen at any stressful time such as exam time, job pressure, unemployment, the death of a closed one or any incident which can affect us. This stress may sustain at least for a couple of months. In some cases, this may affect for a longer period and will not release the egg for ovulation which results in infertility.

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