Fenugreek seeds
Fenugreek seeds


Fenugreek seeds are used mostly in cooking, it also used as a medicine. The main purposes of these seeds are to remove heat from the body and cools down.

For constipation

People who are suffering from motion sickness and constipation can have to swallow a spoon of fenugreek seeds with water after dinner. This will help in curing constipation and have a peaceful morning ritual. If it does not work, they can drink a glass of salt water, which will react in an hour and cures constipation. People who are suffering from not passing urine freely can also do the same treatment.

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To cure stomach pain

People who are suffering from stomach pain due to heat can do the following treatment. A handful of clean fenugreek seeds should be soaked in water overnight. Those seeds either grounded or raw should be eaten in empty stomach in the morning. Hot water should be drunk after that. Continuing this method for three days will cure the stomach pain.

To cure excess white discharge for women

Women who are suffering from excess white discharge need to take a whole Aloe Vera and make a cut horizontally in it. A spoon full of fenugreek should be placed inside it and tie it in the original position with a thread. This Aloe Vera should be kept overnight, and the gel along with fenugreek seeds should be grounded with onions. This mixture should be added with cow’s milk and drunk in the morning. This method should be continued for a week to stop the excess white discharge.

To heal a cough

The required items for a healing cough is given below

  • Fenugreek -20 grams
  • Onions – 10 grams
  • Cardamom – 2 grams
  • Black nightshade greens – a handful

Fenugreek seeds to prevent chickenpox

During a worse climate, chicken pox is tending to spread easily. During those times, the following precaution should be done. In a clean vessel, 10 grams of fenugreek and the same amount of powdered pepper should be boiled in water. This water should be condensed in half the level. This tonic should be consumed twice in morning and in evening. It should be done for three days in a row to prevent us from chicken pox. But this topic cannot be stored and have to prepare fresh daily.

To remove pinworms in the stomach

Some people get to form some white worms in the stomach and in their stool named pinworms or threadworms. This type of infection is called as pinworm infestation. This may lead to itching and irritation. It can be cured with fenugreek. Two teaspoons of fenugreek for elders and one teaspoon of fenugreek for kids should be fried dry and powdered. This powder should be fried in oil till it turns golden brown. They will get dysentery in two to three hours after its consumption. The thread worms will be removed along with the stool. This remedy should be done twice in a month to remove and kill the threadworms.

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