Garlic and its uses



Garlic is used in most of the recipes including salads and curries. It is mandatory in all sorts of soups. It has a peculiar smell and taste. Garlic is also used in most of the home remedies. It has the quality to cure many diseases. It helps in preventing gas trouble in our body and gives immunity power.

To heal wounds and cuts

Wounds and cuts should be cleaned properly. The equal amount of garlic and limestone should be grounded into a fine paste and must tie it around the wound with a clean cloth. It can be removed after the wound heals. But we need to be cautious about preventing the wound from the water. The water in the wound may create puss in it.

To cure ear problems

Some people tend to get pain and buzzing sound in their ears; those people should cut garlic in egg shape and keep it in the affected area.  This method should be done until it gets cured.

To stop puss in the ears with Garlic

Required ingredients to prepare the home remedy

  • Garlic – 10 grams
  • Turmeric – 5 grams
  • Sweet flag – 5 grams

The above-said ingredients should be cut into pieces and sauteed in neem oil in a wide open vessel. It can be stopped when the oil turns red in color. The oil should be filtered and stored in a clean jar. We need to use this oil as ear drops three times a day. It has to continue until the ears get cured.

For curing pimples

A gram of garlic along with the same amount of garlic should be grounded and put in a vessel and heat with a spoon of oil. This should be applied in the pimples. This treatment can be frequently until a pimple gets cured.

For lactating mothers

Lactating mothers will be weak and low in immunity. So for people like them, we need to add lots of garlic to their food. This will prevent them from all sorts of diseases. It will also prevent the body from flatulence. It will provide good digestion for both the mother and the child. It also purifies blood and secretes enough mothers’ milk to the child.

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