Sapodilla is commonly called as sapota which is a fleshy fruit with a sweet fragrance. This dusky colored fruit cannot be eaten as raw. It is in the shape of a potato which has a seed in the center surrounded by the flesh.

Sapota for piles

Sapota takes care of reducing the body weight as it has calcium in it. Hemorrhoids and uterus related problems will be cured by this fruit. Dryness, throat ulcers, and kidney problems can be eliminated by eating this fruit. Diabetes patients should consume this fruit during the season to stop from dryness. This fruit also dissolves the excess fat in the body.                                                                                                                                          Also read: What are the medicinal uses of Guava fruit

Prohibits the entry of cancer

Health benefits of sapota
Health benefits of sapota

As this fruit is filled with fiber, it induces digestion and prevents constipation and cures if already exist in the body. And also the fiber in this fruit flushes out the toxins responsible for cancer. Apart from Cranberry and Kiwi, Sapota also has powerful antioxidants to fight against various diseases. The pantothenic acid in this fruit increases the level of histamine level in our body and strengthens the nervous system. This acid gives strength to fight against the problems creating virus and bacteria. It also reduces dysesthesia (body burning sensation) and prevents bleeding. Hemorrhoids or piles can be cured by sapota as it has an astringent named tannin in it.

Tannin and its benefits

The problems faced by intestines and gastrointestinal tract will be cured by tannin in this fruit. The skin of sapota is dust and dusky because of the tannin secretion in this fruit. Vitamin C flushes out free radicals in the body and makes sure that cancer, heart diseases and, any kind of life-threatening diseases cannot enter the body. As this fruit has an ample amount of vitamin C, it protects the body from communicable diseases. The growth of skin and cell tissues can be taken of the vitamin A in it. Vitamin A in this fruit gives immunity to overcome Lung and mouth cancer.

Uses of Sapota

Sapota in fruit salads
Sapota in fruit salads

Sapota refreshes the body as it has folic acid and potassium salt in it. Other salts and acids like niacin, iron, and copper give a radiant glow to the skin. It also acts as an antioxidant and speeds the cell regeneration. This fruit can be used in salads and also in cakes and ice creams. A milkshake prepared with sapota, milk and ice cubes is a very famous cool drink in SouthAsia. The barks of this tree are boiled down to make a milk. This milk is used to prepare a chewing gum which is good for our health as it has tannin in it. This fruit helps in the free flow of blood next to gooseberry and lemon. As this tree can be grown in dry lands too. So it is advisable to have this tree in our house and get benefitted throughout the year.                                                                                                                                    Also read: What are the medicinal benefits of Grapes fruit?


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