Health benefits of Sweet lime

Sweet lime
Sweet lime

Sweet lime and its benefits

Sweet lime is one among the fruits which liked by most of the people for its nutrients. After Apple and Banana, this fruit is included in their daily meal by most of the people in the world. As this fruit gives us energy and stamina, it is presented to patients and weak people to improve their health. This fruit is more similar to orange and has so much of vitamin C in it.

Resistance to many diseases

Sweet lime has fifty-eight types of Cancer resistant elements which also prevents us from many diseases. That is why Americans use citric fruits for stomach cancers. Vitamin C rich foods prohibit us from heartburn, cancers, and the toxins causing communicable diseases. Apart from this fruit, vitamin C is rich in Gooseberry, Lemon, and Orange. Immunity elements like carotene, lutein, and vitamin A is available in this fruit. So it gives more immunity power than orange. Lemon is used in meat and fish not only for decorating but it also purifies the food as it has sulforaphane. Sulforaphane prohibits the germs from entering the body. Sweet lime has also the same properties so that it is advisable to have this fruit after a meal.

Provides immunity to the body

Sweet lime juice
Sweet lime juice

Hesperitin is a water-soluble flavonoid which is available in orange and in this fruit. This flavonoid aids in increasing the good cholesterol in the body and keeps the blood vessels blocks free and to lead a happy and healthy life. Vitamin C in this fruit is a water-soluble vitamin so we can consume three to four fruit either as raw or as juice. The juice of this fruit relaxes the mind along with its immunity power. It cures the wounds and recovers the patients who are suffering from virus attacks. It provides immunity right from the cancer patients to the people affected by cold, fever, and nerve disorders. This fruit is recommended to most of the diseases as it reduces the intensity of the disease. The vitamin C in this fruit helps in sending oxygen to the brain without hurdles. Which in turn gives hope and energy to the body.

Aids in Digestion

Vitamin C prevents the secretion of free radicals in brain and brain nerve cells. Iron is required to live our life with anemic, vitamin C helps in absorbing the iron from the food particles. The fibers present in this fruit helps in indigestion, reduces the level of cholesterol in the body and aids in thrusting out of wastes from the body. This fruit also cures constipation if taken regularly.

To reduce body weight

This juice of this fruit acts as a medicine in relaxing the nervous system as it has calcium in it. So it helps in reducing the body weight. Sweet lime juice mixed with water and a spoon of honey consumed in empty stomach for three months will reduce the body weight. Food intake should be controlled and monitored in these months to get an effective result.

Cures fever

Mosambi for fever
Mosambi for fever

This fruit cures all types of fever and cold. People with fever gets dehydrated easily, the juice of this fruit can be given to those patients as it controls thirst and also acts as a medicine for their fever. The juice should be drunk without adding sugar or water. The vitamin C in this fruit flushes out the toxic elements responsible for the disease and speeds up the recovery. People with fever will suffer from nausea, excess secretion of saliva, and indigestion. These troubles can be removed by consuming this juice with a spoon of honey in it which cures dryness too. This juice controls hunger and acts as a medicine during these times. People with cold and cough can consume this juice mixed in warm water with honey to get good results.

To get rid of Insomnia

Along with vitamin C, this fruit also has a liberal amount of calcium in it. As calcium relaxes the nervous system, people who are suffering insomnia will get a sound sleep after regular consumption of this juice at night. The joints require vitamin C to cure its problems. As this fruit has both calcium and vitamin C with it, it cures knee swelling and all kinds of bone problems.

To escape from bad breath

Intake of this fruit increased immunity power, gives clear eyesight, prevents from eye diseases, and strong teeth. To get stronger gums, salt added with sweet lime juice should be taken in regular intervals for 21 days. This improves the teeth and provides strong gums. So people of all ages should consume at least two fruits per day.


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