A House of Anti-Oxidants-Kiwi

Anti-Oxidant filled Kiwi
Anti-Oxidant filled Kiwi


Anti-Oxidants in Kiwi helps in treating all kinds of diseases with its Vitamins and minerals in it. It also prevents diabetes and Intestinal cancer. And also thrusts out the toxins out of the body.

Salts for Heart

Healthy heart
Healthy heart

Magnesium and Potassium is excess of Kiwi. Magnesium refreshes the nerve system and helps the heart muscles to function properly. So it prevents Heart attacks and Blood pressure. Bones gets weaken on aging. So these salts support bones to be erect and function properly. For a prompt and good nervous system and to avoid frequent spraining in the legs, the potassium in Kiwi provides the required strength for that. To have a good contraction and relaxation of the heart, and to have a uniform and stable heartbeat, the body needs the potassium salt. This specific salt is ample of kiwi and safeguards the body.

To reduce weight

Zinc is the salt which induces hunger and at the same time reduces weight. This salt triggers the nerve system and keeps the body and mind refreshed. A hormone in this salt secretes and calms down the mind and suppress the thought of having fatty foods. So the body weight can be reduced without the sensation of starving and tiredness. And also this salt stops the spread of Communicable diseases and prevents the reduction of copper salt in our body. So that virus and bacteria cannot enter the body.

Kiwi for Osteolysis

Biotin in kiwi increases the immunity in our body. Carbon dioxide, Protein, Fat in Kiwi will help in cell regeneration. Grey hair, Alopecia, and Muscle pain can be cured by this fruit. Kiwi also protects the nerve system. Elderly people who are suffering from Osteolysis need enough Calcium to overcome it. Kiwi provides that Calcium and relaxes both bones and the brain. Manganese salt in Kiwi also helps in absorbing the fat in our body and makes the nerve cells stronger. How to consume kiwi?

Medicinal benefits of Kiwi

  • Iron in Kiwi purifies the blood, Phosphorus in Kiwi protects the tissues in our body and keep it refreshed, Pottasium in Kiwi stabilizes the heartbeat and Fiber in Kiwi dissolves all the fat stored in the body.

    Persons with eye problems
    Persons with eye problems
  • Kiwi helps in the prevention of communicable diseases, helps in functioning of the Pituitary gland, and to prevent cataract in eyes. Kiwi cures all kinds of eye problems.
  • Kids who are suffering from Asthma, Cough should consume the juice of this fruit to get a speedy recovery.
  • It is necessary to have a kiwi fruit along with a banana regularly for acute vision and good digestion. Some other benefits of Kiwi are given here.


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