How To Drink Water?

How To Drink Water

We may all know that water is the main source for a healthy body.But most of us may ask this question how to drink water ?.Since it has many medicinal powers we must know how to drink water.Here we are going to see how to drink water and what are the benefits from it.

In Morning:-

After you wake up in the morning drink water up to 1.5 liters in empty stomach.If you are unable to drink in a single time, you may drink after five minutes.After drinking 1.5 liters of water don’t drink any coffee or tea nor take any food for an hour.For heart patients, how to drink water? you should not drink more water in the morning.You can drink from 1 to 1.5 glass of water.

In Night:-

         How to drink water in the night? You can drink water as much as possible in the morning but you can not drink more water in the night.If you are hungry you should not drink water and if you are thirsty you should not take food.Because it may lead to an ulcer.Before going to bed drink hot water in a small amount, it helps to clean your stomach and destroys all the acids.It also helps for a better digestion.

Drinking Amount:-

  • Per day we should drink around 6 to 10 glass of water.In spite of that, you can also take fruits like apple, orange.Because these fruits have 80% of water in it.You may also see the Importance of Water.
  • Many of us ask how to drink water? and the exact amount to drink.The exact amount to drink water is half pounds of your weight.For eg: If you are 100 pounds then you should drink water up to 50 ounces. 
  • On one hand, if you drink water and on the other, if you drink coffee it has no use.Because coffee contains caffeine which absorbs the water from your body.It applies the same if you are drinking alcohol.The water content will never increase in such case.
  • In order to get a healthy body, you should not drink water unwantedly.Because it causes frequent urination, liver problems, hyponatremia.
  •  If you are not likely to drink water you can also add lemon juice for your convenience.
  • Even if you don’t do any work you have sweating and breathing. This may also reduce the water content in your body so those persons should drink water as directed.
  • In many cold areas, people use the heater for their body temperature.These people should drink more water in order to reduce body temperature.
  • While taking food you should not drink water in the middle. Because it may reduce the amount of your food.After taking food you should drink water half an hour later.If not, the water for digestion gets stopped and hence the food lasts longer in your stomach which leads to gaseous problems.
  • By drinking hot water it clears all the waste from your body.Helps for good digestion and protects your kidney.


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