Importance of Water


Water plays an important role in our daily life.Hypo crates state that human being life stays healthy only due to water. Many of us may suffer from a headache, it may be due to lack of water in your body.Hence the importance of water must be known by everyone for a healthy body.

Purpose Of Bathing:-

      In the country of China people used to take bath in medicinal water which helps them to cure more diseases.We take bath to cleanse our body and also our internal organs.In many countries the hot water in available naturally from wells etc., So, taking bath in hot water helps us to clean our external and internal organs.When taking bath in normal water the number of red blood cells and white blood cells increases.It also makes our nerves to stay calm and increases our magnetic strength in our body.It also provides energy and refreshment to our body.Due to the evaporation of water from the skin during a bath or after a bath, cures skin diseases.

Basement Of Life:-

      Water is the basement of our life and also used to clear the waste from our body.Without water, no life can survive on this earth.Water plays a major role in clearing the waste from our body.Not only healthy food is needed to maintain a healthy body but also we need to eradicate the waste from our body.It is the only way to lead a healthy life.


      It is routine work that takes place in our life.Most of the people don’t drink water after taking food.This may lead to a great problem in digestion.Water is more necessary to perform digestion.So drink water after five minutes once you have completed your food in order to have a good digestion and reduce belly fat.Whenever you drink water, drink in a sitting position in order to gain the benefits from water and for better digestion.

Blood Circulation:-

      Not only water is needed for digestion but also for blood circulation.Blood should be circulated throughout our body without any blocks and distraction.This may be only possible with the adequate water in the body.

Intestinal Problems:-

       There is no need of medicine to increase calorie in our body.The best solution is drinking water.When drinking water it cleanses all the area from stomach to small intestine and also strengthens the muscles and bones and finally, it goes out.Thus it reduces intestinal and small intestine problems.

Reduces Body Heat:-

       Whenever our body gets heated we get a fever.By drinking cold water we can reduce body heat and thus it also reduces the temperature.It also increases the heart workforce and also separates the strength and waste from the small and large intestines.When you drink water in a correct manner it also creates hunger automatically and maintains body temperature.

Work Of Water:-

       Water converts the food into liquid and promotes to the live cells.This is the first major work of water.It joins with the chemical which is produced by the body and spreads all over the parts of the body.Body temperature is being maintained by the work of water.The waste is being sent through the intestine, sweat, cold and urine.These are the major work of water.


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