Male Infertility and its causes

Male infertility
Male infertility

Male Infertility

Male Infertility is different from Impotency. In infertility, a man can satisfy his women in all aspect except giving a child. The impotent people do have sperm in their seminal fluid. Infertile people do not have viable sperm in their seminal fluid. There are so many reasons for infertility which can be seen below.

Absence of sperm

Male Infertility

No production of sperm or if no viable sperm present during the intercourse can lead to infertility. Undescended testis or poor growth of testis may lead to the inadequate or improper production of sperm.Severe viral infection in the childhood, inadequate blood supply to the testis, intersection of the testis, block in the vast deference lead to unable to expel the seminal fluid. Chromosomal deficiency may also lead to sexual disorders like tuberculosis, infection, wounds may cause obstruction in the pathway of seminal fluids and stops the entry of sperm into the seminal fluids which leads to infertility. Disturbances in the ejaculation during the sexual intercourse, the seminal fluid mixes with the urine, nerve problems in the prostate muscles, drugs are taken for hypertension or anti-hypertension causes infertility.


When there is a reduction in the sperm count, motility of the sperm is also reduced. Disorder in the structure of the sperms may lead to infertility.

Problems in the sperms

Heredity, unknown infertility, head of the sperm is very big, the absence of a tail in the sperm

Hormonal problems lead Male Infertility

Motility of the sperm potency depends on the hormones completely. So the low secretion of hormones reduces the motility or viability of the sperm.

Problems in the sacral blood supply

Thickening of the blood vessels around the sacrum, damage to the blood vessels, kinking of the blood vessels reduces the production of sperm. Thickening of blood vessels increases the temperature thereby reduces the sperm production. Same way rupture damage to the blood vessels also increases the temperature and reduces the sperm production.


Prostatitis reduces the motility. Microplasma causes infection in the prostate gland. It could be easily visualized in the microscope.


Antibiotics are there to protect the body from the antigens. Due to some chemical reactions, the body treats the sperm as antigens and destructs the sperm.

Sexual Disorder

Premature ejaculation doesn’t help the female to get pregnant.

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Congenital anomalies

Congenitally is nothing but some people may have the leak in the sacrum or in the penus may lead to urinary disorders. Thus people cannot help during pregnancy.

Environmental factors causing Male Infertility

Smoking, Alcoholism, Excessive exercise, depression, obesity, drug addiction reduces the production and count of sperms. Driving for long hours, traveling, working in chemical industries, working in pesticide factories may also lead to infertility.

Investigation in Male Infertility

Couples who don’t become pregnant after two years of their marriage should consult a doctor and get checked and do all the tests.

Factors to be considered to diagnose infertility

  • Those who are affected by viral infections during childhood
  • Scrotal problems
  • Undescended testis

If you have any one of the problems above, then they should consult a doctor to check infertility.

Seminal Analysis

Seminal production would not be same always. Factors like depression will heavily affect the sperm production. All sperms present in the seminal fluid would not be same in structure and function. Each sperm has its own individual difference. Few sperms are normal, few sperms may have problems and few sperms are not even viable. So to rule out the reason for infertility, you should repeat the seminal analysis. The result can conclude a person’s fertile potency.

The procedure of semen analysis

People who undergo semen analysis should know few pieces of information

  • Two days of abstinence is required to do the semen analysis.
  • One or two hours before semen analysis, he has to collect the seminal fluids in a wide open container.
  • If there is any leakage, that must be reported to the physician.
  • The seminal fluids shouldn’t be collected in things like condoms.
  • Chemicals in condom may destroy the sperm.
  • Semen analysis should be collected in a sterile container.


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