Mangosteen and its uses


Mangosteen and its medicinal uses

Mangosteen or kokum fruit is a magic fruit which helps in protecting gums and teeth. This fruit can be ground and given to infants who are getting milk teeth along with Dates. Mangosteen can also be given as raw fruit to bite for infants as it produces strong teeth. People of all ages can eat this fruit to get their teeth and gums stronger. These two fruits also will help in controlling dysentery and diarrhea along with strengthening our gums. This red and blue colored fruit has a sweet taste and round in shape.

Health benefits of Mangosteen
Health benefits of Mangosteen

This fruit originates from Malaysia; its botanical name is Garcinia mangostana. It is also called as queen of tropical fruits. This fruit is eaten along with sugar to add taste to it. It helps in hydrating our body during summer. That is why it is more popular in the tropical region but it is also eaten in Europe region too. We can eat this fruit after peeling off its skin. The fruits’ skin, leaf, the bark of this tree has medicinal properties in it. The skin has tannin in it which helps in controlling dysentery and diarrhea.

For stomach upset

June to October is the season for this fruit. Women can ground and drink this fruit’s skin along with buttermilk or milk to get rid of whitening and urine related problems. The juice of this fruit helps in curing prolonged dysentery. For this, the fruit should be boiled down and squeezed later and consumed for two days with brown sugar. This juice also hydrates the body like sweet lime juice during fever.

To reduce body weight

It is advisable to have two to three mangosteen fruit daily during its season which helps us to maintain our body structure fit and healthy. As it has fiber in it, it is easily digestible and gives the required vitamin C for the body. In 100 grams of this fruit, we get 60 kilocalories, 14% of fiber, and 12% of vitamin C from it. Vitamin C speeds up the process of cell regeneration and fiber in this fruit absorbs the fat and bad cholesterol and flushes out of our body. So fat gets dissolved easily with the intake of this fruit. As this fruit does not have bad cholesterol, it does not increase our body weight so we can have this fruit as we wish.

For Skin

Vitamin C resolves the problems in the skin, removes wrinkles and provides immunity power to the body. As this fruit provides required vitamin C for the body, it cures the wounds in the body along with the above-said problems. Vitamin C is the best dissolvable immunity agent; a liberal amount of vitamin C in our body will prevent diseases like the blue fever. It also prevents the excess secretion of free radicals in our body. Vitamin C also destroys the already secreted free radicals.

Restricts diseases

As this fruit has thiamin, niacin and folic acid, it cures diseases. It provides strength when cell regeneration with its protein, fat, and carbohydrates. This fruit also has a liberal amount of magnesium, manganese, copper, and potassium. Potassium salt helps in keeping our heartbeat stable, blood pressure and keeps our body cells active. As it helps with the blood flow, it prevents the diseases like paralysis. It also protects us from heart diseases. Copper salt gives a radiance to our skin, manganese and copper help in strengthening our bones. Magnesium de-stress us and leads us to a happy life. So it is best to consume this fruit as much as possible in our lives.

Health benefits

Mangothan rejuvenates our health and makes us young as it has anthocyanin in it. Anthocyanin monitors the level of histamine amino acid in our blood. The increase of histamine may result in fatigue. The reduction of histamine in our blood will result in weakness in bones. So monitoring the level of histamine is required to avoid these problems. So the nervous system and skeletal system will function properly without any problems. This process will happen with a small amount of anthocyanin in our body. It also monitors the weight of our body and helps in absorbing the calcium from various foods. The calcium removes the fat and bad cholesterol from our body.

Removes Toxins

Anthocyanin in this fruit removes toxins from the body and keeps the immunity system awake. It protects the body cells, heart and keeps it healthy. Xanthone is a bitter agent which is available in this fruit prevents the entry of bacteria into the body. It also keeps us young by keeping our skin active and healthy. Xanthone also protects our teeth and gums. Grapes, Brinjal, and Black Plum can be replaced with this fruit if it is not available as it has the bitter agent in it.

Mangosteen prevents cancer

Phytonutrients is an agent available in both fruits and vegetables. Most powerful anti-oxidants is anthocyanin which is bitter in taste will provide immunity to us. It is available in both the flesh and the skin of the fruit, so it is used for medicinal purposes. It increases the secretion of insulin in our body. It also strengthens the brain and prevents cancer in our food pipe and takes responsibility for protecting the food pipe.

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