Medicinal qualities of Banana


Banana and its benefits

Banana has lots of medicinal qualities. Tennis player’s of Germany is very active during their game without getting tired in both their minds and bodies. Because those players used to intake Banana regularly so they are getting energy from their minds and souls too. An amino acid named tryptophan mixes in the blood which increases the secretion of cerotin. This is the reason behind the active participation of tennis players. This sets an example for other country football players to intake banana in their daily meal to increase their vivacity. A habit of eating this fruit after a heavy meal is still followed in many regions as it increases the secretion of cerotin in our body and makes our body relaxed like Apple.

The greatness of this fruit

Hospitals allow only this fruit for the patients as it gives the satisfaction of a complete meal. Also, it also increases the level of cerotin and cures any disease faster. It calms down the entire nervous system. So it is advisable for the patients to eat a banana along with the medicines. Doctors in America and South Africa recommends banana for ulcers in GI tract.

Nutrients in Banana

Nutrients Per 100 gramsValue
Vitamin C7mg


Controls Hunger

Bananas can cure any type of fever and helps in recovery. This is a rare fruit which has a low amount of humidity and has lots of calories in the solid fruits. It controls knee pain, knee swelling as it has of lots of medicinal properties. Magnesium salt in this fruit controls heart diseases. Iron in this fruit cures anemia. Blood draws the sucrose from this fruit and at the same time, it cures anemia by taking iron little at a time. Sportspersons prefer this fruit because it strengthens the muscles and removes fatigue as it has a lot of starch in it. It also eliminates kidney related problems. But the people who are suffering from kidney problems and diabetes should not eat this fruit.

Prevents constipation

This fruit prevents constipation and decreases the secretion of bile juice. It controls hunger and prevents constipation.  People who are suffering from paralysis should avoid this fruit. It increases the hemoglobin in our blood and cools the body. As this fruit cures anemia so it should not eat along with honey. To get rid of constipation one has to eat this fruit after their meal as it lots of fiber in it. It rejuvenates the food path and helps indigestion. Bananas can help in curing heartburn and stomach ulcers. People who are addicted to tea should have this fruit before the consuming of tea. Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) help producing good bacteria in the small intestine. These bacteria help in the digestion immediately. So it reduces the alkaline in our body and cures constipation.

Forever Young

The nitrogen and phosphorous in this fruit regenerates the cells in the body and keeps us active. So eating this fruit makes us young. Potassium salt in this fruit keeps our brain active. This salt also allows oxygen to the brain without hurdles. High blood pressure patients can have bananas as it has potassium and sodium in it.

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