What are the medicinal benefits of Tomato?


Tomato, a miraculous fruit

Tomato is a miraculous fruit, which cures diabetes and obesity. It is not a seasonal fruit so it will be available throughout the year like lemongrapes, and banana. Consuming it regularly in a right dosage will act as a medicine and keeps us healthy. After gooseberry, this is the only fruit in which vitamin C cannot be destroyed in any form.

Vitamins in Tomato

The acids in this fruit protect the vitamin C from destroying, also that ripen fruit contains an ample amount of vitamin C than raw fruit. 150 ml of raw tomato juice provides 1/4th of vitamin C for the entire day. A research says tomato juice is more superior to orange juice as it has more necessary vitamins.  A normal sizes tomato has protein, fat, vitamin A, vitamin C in abundance. Along with these vitamins, it also has vitamin B1, B2, B5, B6, calcium, phosphorous, sulfur, chromium, potassium, magnesium, chlorine, sodium, iron, iodine, zinc, folic acid, and fiber.

How to consume this fruit 

To cure obesity and diabetes, two to three medium-sized fruit should be boiled down and smashed to get the puree of it. A spoon of this puree should be consumed in empty stomach will reduce weight and cure obesity. The same puree can be used for diabetes also. The chromium salt in this fruit decreases the level of sucrose in our blood. So the puree taken from this fruit can be taken by the diabetes patients to reduce the intensity. As the calories are too low, we can consume this fruit an en number of times a day without gaining weight.Vitamin C, Vitamin A, calcium, and phosphorous in this fruit also protect the body from gaining weight. The juice of this fruit must be consumed fresh. This juice prevents the body from communicable diseases and gives immunity to the consumer.

Uses of the acids in Tomato

As this fruit’s juice acts as a healthy and energy drink, so the need for excess supplements are not required. Diabetes patients can skip their breakfast after drinking the juice of this fruit. To purify the blood and to the removal of kidney stones, this juice aids for it. Tomato helps in purification of blood next to the lemon as it has citric, phosphoric and malic acid in it. Citric acid mixes with the blood and increases the level of alkaline in our body which in turn aids with the curing of diseases. The waste products and toxins in the kidneys are flushed out by these acids. Kidney stones will also get dissolved along with the toxins and so the kidney gets rejuvenated.

To Strengthen the liver

The percentage of people drinking alcohol is getting increased day by day. Most of the youngsters are addicted to oily junk foods. So they damage their liver and also the possibility of getting affected by jaundice is increased. So these people need to drink the juice of this fruit mixed with water to protect their liver. This juice strengthens the liver and guards the body against jaundice.


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