Mango fruit to purify blood

Mango fruit can be consumed with a mixture of pepper and a spoon of honey for the people who are suffering from bile juices secretion problems. This mango juice reduces the secretion of bile juices and purifies the blood. This fruit mixture also helps in reducing the swelling and prevention of jaundice. People with anemia are lesser found in India, as they consume mangoes a lot.

Increases Immunity

Green mangoes prevent the formation of blocks in blood vessels and form new blood cells. These green mangoes help in healing anemia, cholera, and diarrhea. It not only cures but also gives the immunity power and prevents the diseases to enter the body. Persons who are suffering from cold can have two mangoes in a row which prevents cold and fever. If a cough persists the person should consume a glass of warm water after consuming the fruit. Beta Carotene aids in preventing eye-related diseases, so it is wise to include foods having this vitamin. Beta-carotene and alpha are available in yellow colored foods, as Mango is yellow in color, it possesses both of these vitamins. It cures cancer, gives immunity and keeps the digestive system healthy. Also, see Fruits that aids in good eyesight.

Uses of yellow colored foods

Nutrients in yellow colored fruits
Nutrients in yellow colored fruits

Yellow colored foods prevent presbyopia (long-sightedness) and prostate gland cancer as it has vitamin C, beta-carotene, and potassium. As mango has all these minerals, it guards our heart averts knee pain reinvigorate the skeletal system. The malic and uric acid in mango avoids unfavorable minerals and keeps knees and joints healthy. The tartaric acid aids in nerve weakness, the citric acid in this fruit monitor the calcium level in our body and keeps our body and bones sturdy. It also watches and keeps track on the level of calcium and does not allow the level to drop. Other fruits which help to overcome nerve weakness.

Mango fruit: King of fruits

Mangoes relaxes our mind with its smell and taste
Mangoes relaxes our mind with its smell and taste

Mango both as fruit and raw gives enough nutrients, the natural sugar in this fruit acts as an energy drink. A ripe mango contains vitamin C enough for a whole day. So this fruit should be consumed by newlyweds as it decreases male and female infertility. A protein named collagen is formed by vitamin C which in turn aids in binding the cells. Collagen deficiency will make the wounded skin look aged and vulnerable. Mangoes can be eaten to fasten the healing process of wounds, body pains, and fever. Vitamin E in mango gives us pleasure helps in the passing of blood flow and oxygen to the muscles and nerve system. As it strengthens the nerve system, stress and fatigue are eliminated from the body. So people who consume mango will be happy and healthy.

Consumption of Mango fruit

The vitamin C and vitamin E in mango fruit rejuvenate the nerve cells and prevent the Alzheimer’s disease (forgetfulness). Vitamin A in this fruit yield glow to the skin and cleans the muckier skin. This fruit prevents heart attacks and gives a sturdy heart as it has lots of fiber and potassium.Tart or sweet, ripe mangoes helps in treating psoriasis and itching. Mango acts a medicine for the secretion of urine, diarrhea and to induces hunger as it has natural sugars in it. Though there are lots of varieties of mangoes, Alphonso is the tastiest of all.

Greatness of Mango Seed

Mango seed powder helps with various diseases
Mango seed powder helps with various diseases

Mango which has the taste of both astringent and sweet acts as a tonic for the functioning of the body. This fruit has to eaten along with its skin to all the available nutrients in it. Persons suffering from constipation, diarrhea, kidney problems, and fever can have two slices of raw mango with salt early in the morning. The mango seed cures nausea, heartburn, and asthma. Mango seeds should be powdered after drying it in the sun, a spoon of this powder with honey should be taken regularly to cure the above problems. This powder also reduces the bleeding for piles patients and stops spermatorrhea(involuntary discharge of sperm). As it has a fragrant named linalool in it, the inhalation of this fruit’s smell relaxes our body and gives peace to the mind. So it is advisable to consume this fruit in any form whenever available.





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