Uses of lemon

Lemon can make a person feel energized with just it’s smell. A fragrant named Linalool is found in lemon when it is inhaled, it stimulates hundreds of Chromosomes and genes and reduces depression and anxiety. So whenever anxiety conquers a person, he can easily overcome it by inhaling the fragrance of it.

Scurvy can be healed with lemon

It is the only fruit which has a large amount of citric acid. the citric acid will heal people who have the problems with Grey hair, Alopecia, Bleeding in the subcutaneous layer and indigestion. Hematemesis can be cured if this fruit is taken with water.

Lemon for Cold and Fever

Lemon added with salt and honey will heal fever soon. Cold can also be reduced with the intake of it with hot water. Throat ulcers can be cured by gargling the juice of this fruit with salt for a couple of days.

Method to cure Lipodystrophy by Lemon


Even Lipodystrophy can be cured by consuming the juice regularly in empty stomach. People with Lipodystrophy on their first day of their treatment should consume only plain water without food. Lemon juice with honey should be consumed by that person the very next day. The number of lemons should be increased gradually for a week and then reduce the fruit gradually for a week. Curd made out of the skimmed milk can be consumed while having this treatment since it has the required proteins, calcium and vitamins. So this treatment will help to get rid of Lipodystrophy within a fortnight.

To reduce weight with the help of Lemon

Lemon for obese people
Lemon for obese people

Obese and Cardiac patients can have an excess amount of lemon. It reduces the fat and gives a perfect figure to the body. So it is the best remedy to reduce weight. At the same time, it is an appetizer, it purifies the blood. It induces the appetizing and kills the germs in the gastrointestinal tract. So it induces the hunger and also acts as an antibiotic.

Lemon for Anemia

Anemic persons should add little amount of Its juice while cooking iron-rich foods like cabbage, tomato, and spinach. So that it increases the absorption of Iron. A toothache and tooth decay leads to Halitosis(Bad breath). A pinch of salt with the juice can be taken to avoid this problem. Fruits containing Iron should be consumed by anemic persons.

Diseases cured by Lemon

  • It heals Cholera, reduced back pain and helps the people with the sleeping disorder.
  • It also helps blood to maintain the level of hemostasis. so it helps to prevent the heart attack.
  • After a heavy or fatty meal, it is advisable to have a lemon to avoid indigestion.
  • Vitamin C is rich in this fruit which helps the liver to function well that prevents the attack of Hepatitis.
  • Ulcers can be cured. Psoriasis and other skin disorder can be taken care of by this fruit.
  • It reduces the Constipation and controls the pile secretion and heartburn.
  • A chemical called limonene kills the cancer cells and safeguards the body from Cancer.
  • It also helps to increase the brain function with its good chemical proportion.



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