Strawberries for heart diseases and paralysis

Strawberries are also called as magic fruit as it has lots of sodium salt in it. So strawberries are called as a rare fruit for its properties of rejuvenating and gives the youthful skin to the body. You will be easily affected by cold and nose blocks if your body has a low percent of sodium. So people who are affected by frequent colds should intake this fruit to increase the level of sodium in their body. Potassium and magnesium in this fruit control blood pressure. So it prevents problems like heart blocks and paralysis.

Strawberries for Brain

Old age people are losing their memory because of the dullness in the brain. This causes the weakness in the nerve system. The secretion of free radicals also adds the weakness to the brain. This situation can be changed with kaempferol flavanoid and vitamin C in the strawberry as it stabilizes the free radicals and refreshes the brain and nervous system. A flavonoid named Quercetin in strawberries will search and destroy the cancer cells in our body. The rejuvenated brain and nervous system will be taken care by the iodine in this fruit which keeps our body young forever.

To strengthen the heart

A fiber named pectin is liberal in this fruit, along with that folic acid, vitamin C and anthocyanins (anti-oxidants) is also present in this fruit. This fruit has zero fat in it so it effectively and reduce the level of cholesterol in the body. The b group vitamins like thiamin, niacin, and riboflavin in this fruit provide strength to the heart muscles and help in the functioning of the heart. These vitamins which guard the heart also prevent cancer in the body.

Strengthening of Knees

Strengthens knees
Strengthens knees

Americans favor this fruit as it has phosphorous, iron and vitamin A in it. It also has an ample amount of water content in it which does not increase the weight of our body and keeps us young. People who are suffering from knee pain, paralysis, bone ache should consume strawberry juice along with apple juice as it flushes out the uric acid responsible for paralysis and knee pain. To prepare this juice we need two apples and six strawberries and consume this without adding sugar. The calcium in this fruit will cure all kinds of bone problems.

Strawberries for Eyes

Most of the eye-related problems, especially the blood pressure in the eyes will be cured by the phenolic chemicals, ellagic acid, potassium in this fruit. Anti-oxidants in this fruit removes free radicals and aids in getting vitamin C to the eyes.

To be active throughout the day

Strawberries should be added to the breakfast as an added supplement which gives us the energy to be active throughout the day. It controls hunger and speeds the process of cell regeneration. It also aids in the functioning of the hormones which reduce the weight as it does not have fat in it.

To reduce weight

To reduce weight
To reduce weight

To reduce weight and to have a perfect figure, a spoon of strawberry juice, brewers yeast, pear fruit, and a banana should be mixed together and consume it for a month. This method not only reduces weight but also relaxes the mind. This fruit juice also cures constipation, stress, dryness, swelling in the testicular gland, skin hardening, and skin diseases and for the people who want to keep their skin fresh and to protect their beauty. Yeast can be replaced with honey for this juice. The B vitamins in this fruit de-stress our mind. The deficiency of iron and anemia makes our body lazy. This state can be cured by the iron in this fruit. This fruit also creates good bacteria in our stomach.

How to consume strawberries

Strawberries should be consumed after soaking it in cold water for few minutes. The leaves and stem of this fruit should be removed consuming. This fruit can be taken during snack time either in morning or evening.

Beauty tips

To remain young forever
To remain young forever

Strawberries can be cut and applied over the face to remove black spots and wrinkles in the face. This fruit also can be applied as a face pack to get a beautiful and clear skin. This method can be done once in a week to get a clear and glowing skin. One strawberry can be cut into many small pieces and be applied to the teeth and gums to strengthen it. This also whitens the teeth if it is continued for a month. Strawberry also cleans the teeth and removes bad breath by purifying the intestines. For this, we need to eat a bowl of strawberries daily which removes all the wastes and toxins in the body.

So consuming strawberry regularly will keep our body healthy and beautiful.

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