Guava Fruit
Guava Fruit

Vitamin C is abundant in Guava fruit. Only Gooseberry overpowers it in the value of Vitamin C. Guava should be consumed in the right state to get excess of Vitamin C. Over riped Guava lessens the vitamins, so it is advisable to eat it as a fruit.

Uses of Guava fruit

For healthy bones and teeth
For healthy bones and teeth

Guava fruit tastes a mixture of sweetness and astringent in it. The ratio of the astringent level will be high if it is an unripe fruit. The tissues of bones and teeth will be sturdy if we eat this fruit. It is because of plenty of Vitamin C in it. And also Vitamin C helps to cure all the diseases. Thiamine in Vitamin B helps in the formation of cells and tissues. Thiamine also prevents the body from Paralysis. It also stops the hereditary diseases to overtake the body. Riboflavin in Vitamin B helps in speeding the process of cell regeneration. So it removes both Slothfulness and hunger and digests food easily.

Arthritis can be healed 

The Knee pain (Arthritis) can be cured by this fruit only when we munch and eat this fruit.  It acts as an antidote for the toxins present in the body. Bectin can be easily gained when we chew and eat this fruit so that it dissolves the bad Cholesterol and fat and shove them out of the body. Other benefits and uses of Guava are given here.

Problems cured by Guava fruit

Helps in getting pregnant
Helps in getting pregnant

Intestinal problems, heart diseases, stomach ulcers can be healed with the alkali present in this fruit. Male sexual potency and the increase of sperm count can be helped by this fruit. Fruits which increases the sperm count. So that the chances of getting pregnant for his lady can be increased. The intensity of Diabetes and Piles are reduced and gets cured completely in due course with the intake of this fruit. Other fruits which help to get rid of Piles. The people who are suffering from Leprosy should consume this fruit along with salt to get rapid results. Even to get the purification of blood, this particular method will help to achieve it.

Medicinal benefits of the Guava fruit

  • People who are suffering from Anorexia should eat a Guava before a meal so that it will induce hunger.
  • Having a fruit after a meal helps in cell regeneration.
  • Consumption of an unripe Guava fruit which is green in color helps in treating Fatigue.
  • Unripe Guava gives brightness to the skin and prevents Jaundice.
  • So it is good to have an unripe Guava once in a while.
  • An Anti-Oxidant in Guava helps in treating breast cancer.
  • Diaharia can be easily stopped by eating guava as it has Fiber in it

So it is advised to include a Guava in the daily meal to have a sound and sturdy health.



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