Need Of Water

need of water
Need Of Water
In our daily life, we need water to lead our life.Without the need of water, we can not live on this earth.As scientists say 3/4th of the world is covered by water. Hence without the Need of Water, we can not survive in this world.Water has many benefits for our life.Do you think there is any treatment for water? Yes, water therapy is done to cure many diseases.

Basement For Life:-

          The need of water is the basement of life.It is used to clear all the waste from our body.After taking food twater plays a major role in the process of digestion.Not only eating healthy foods to keep our body healthy but also clearing waste through digestion is also important.You may also visit this:  Importance of Water

Health Problems:-

  •   The need of water is not only for digestion but also for blood circulation.Drinking water daily it cleanses the body and also makes the intestine get stronger.By doing this it also produces new blood in the body.It also helps to eradicate the piles’ and blood pressure.
  •  People who have knee pain and gastric problems, you can drink water before one hour during breakfast and lunch.Doing this every day you may able to cure your disease.It has been proved by many research labs in China.
  •   Many people think that once a disease is found in the body we should drink water to cure it. But it is not the right method to take water.Before any issue arises you should drink water.If you are suffering from any disease you can drink up to 8 glasses of water. Whenever you drink water, take it in a spoon which gives you better results.You may also see

For Children:-

            In many places, people will never leave their children in water because it may cause many diseases. So you can place them in a small tub and gently massage them, this gives them a good refreshment. Also, they do not face any skin diseases.For children, the need of water is very important.Provide them with hot water to avoid many diseases.Hot water is very useful for a good digestion.It also helps them to produce new blood.

Water level:-

For Babies:  around 2.2 pounds, the amount of water to drink should be 160ml.If the baby is 11 pounds he/she should take 800ml of water.
For Children:  around 1-4 years should drink water up to 4 glasses.The children around 5-8 should drink water around 5 glasses.Children around 9-18 years should drink water up to
For Boys: 11 cups
For Girls: 8 cups
For Old Age People:  don’t need any amount but, the level of water should nor reduce at any cost.
For Pregnant Ladies: should drink around 2.5 liters water. Breastfeeding ladies should drink 3 liters of water.A constant break should be given while drinking water.




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