Oregano and its uses


How to make oregano water

Oregano water is helpful in various circumstances so it is advisable to prepare and save it beforehand. 100 grams of this ingredient should be tied in a clean cotton cloth and make it look like a small bag. In a vessel consisting of half a liter, this bad should be tied and sunk half in the water. When the water starts boiling, we can find this ingredient’s essence in it floating. These droplets of essence can be found only when we stop heating the water. These essence droplets can be taken from the water with the help of a small feather. It can be stored in a glass jar for future. This essence can be used for indigestion, burping, diarrhea, and stomach ache. A spoon of this essence can be mixed with a glass of water and drink it to cure the above problems.

To cure stomach ache because of indigestion

People who are suffering from indigestion should take a glass of oregano and should heat it in an empty pan. After heating, we need to remove the outer layer of it by scrubbing. After removing it, we need to boil let it condense into the half. A spoon of this water should be taken in both mornings and at night to cure the pain.

Oregano for gas trouble

It should be fried and removed the outer layer by scrubbing it. This should be grounded along with the same amount of palm sugar mixed in it. This finely grounded power should be stored in a clean glass jar for future. A small amount of this powder should be eaten in both morning and at night to get rid of gas trouble. But after having this powder, that person should drink hot water.

Indigestion for kids

Sometimes, kids will get indigestion and suffer from many health issues.  During those times, the same amount of dried ginger and oregano should be grounded and made it into a fine paste. This paste should be mixed with water and make the children drink when they are suffering from indigestion. This will cure indigestion in kids.

To cure diarrhea for kids

Five grams of this ingredient with the same amount of curry leaves should be grounded into a fine paste. This paste should be mixed with some water and make the kid drink three times a day. This will heal diarrhea on kids.

To stop continuous burping

Burping also happens due to indigestion. To control this, oregano should be fried, and remove the outer layer. Those cleaned seeds should be grounded and mixed with honey and have it to control burping.

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