Pregnancy diseases are very dangerous. Because pregnant woman’s health is important in pregnancy. If any pregnant woman has a weakness at the time, it can affect their childbirth or child. That is why our ancestors think that pregnant women should be safe. Usually, everyone in our society has the idea.

Can a heart disease patient have a pregnancy?

What are the effects of pregnancy diseases?
What are the effects of pregnancy diseases?

If you take heart disease, one of the 300 women in the world is suffering from this disease. If the heart disease is high, the complications during pregnancy can be a risk to the pregnant woman’s life, and the doctors are seriously examining the heart when it comes to the first test. If you know something vibrantly, send a cardiologist to the test. Nutrients can be eaten properly and can not be overweight if they are controlled by the disease, they can conceive. They should drink water properly. Need Of Water

Blood pressure disease

  • Even today, high blood pressure is the primary cause of pregnancy death and the death of the baby in pregnancy. It is also one of the most pregnancy diseases.
  • Normally, the pressure on the blood pressure is 140 mm and the blood pressure is 100 mm. During the first six months of pregnancy, blood pressure decreases slightly.
  • Compression blood pressure may be up to 100 mm and the blood pressure is 75mm. The amount of blood pressure increases during the last three months.
  • Blood pressure starts more after twenty-four weeks. Extensible blood pressure 150 mm if the meter passes, it can not withstand the heart. Bleeding in the brain may occur.
  • Heart problem and brain bleeding occur during pregnancy when the extension of pressure is 120 mm or 130 mm. The problem of pregnancy is that the expansion pressure is 100 mm or 110 mm.
  • This blood pressure comes from tradition, poverty, kidney problems, ice aging, double disorders, always angry and anxiety.
  • If before pregnancy or during pregnancy is in blood pressure, it will affect the mother and the baby in the womb.
  • It occurs fitness and death of a pregnant woman. Sudden unconscious, the vision will be blurred and then darkened.
  • In order to avoid this, doctors advocate complete rest for pregnancy, sleep medicine, and drugs that reduce blood pressure and protect both mother and fetus.

Pregnancy diseases that appear in the endocrine gland

In the endocrine glands, especially the thyroid glands are caused by excessive secretion, pulse increases, palpitations and breathing problem. This results in disorders such as miscarriage, pregnancy and child birth problem. Inflammation occurs with thyroid deficiency. Perhaps, pregnancy can cause discomfort. Inspection and treatment are important to avoid this.

Problems in pregnancy with liver inflammation

Tuberculosis is caused by liver inflammation. If it s not treated, a pregnant woman will die. pregnant woman to drink clean water. Be healthy. It is safe to have a liver test early on. You can try and cure dietary supplements to restore the disease. If there is no death, during delivery occur highly blood spill That is the danger to a pregnant woman. About 50% of the deaths from pregnancy liver infections are worse.


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