The pregnancy physical changes also cause of hormones. The pregnant women have some different changes in their physical. The reason for this is the hormones. For example, some may have weight gain, the decrease in weight, breast changes, some blisters appear and nervous problems.

Breast discoloration

We live in the tropics area. That is why the color is different from the Europeans. Because we always stay in sunlight, we have a transparent nature. This is totally impossible. However, after a pregnancy, a slight change in color. So for breast discoloration is not a cause of hormones changes. Some pregnancy physical changes are different from hormones changes.

Blisters through the body

What are the pregnancy physical changes?
What are the pregnancy physical changes?

It is normal to have such problems during pregnancy, in particular, there is such a soothing problem where the fracture muscles exist. This trouble is inevitable for women who are overweight during pregnancy. The way to avoid itchy blisters is to keep the areas clean and dry. Wear the cotton cloths without nylon dress.

Stripping the stomach during pregnancy is normal. These lines appear because the protein increases in the connective tissues of the collagen. Collagen can not be avoided. The protein is important for the skin as well as the head of the body. During pregnancy, these scars are caused by the hormones weakening of colognes. This will disappear after a short period of time and be lasting like mild black lines.

This is the most important pregnancy physical changes. The way to avoid this stripping, food control and apply some lotions on stomach at morning and evening.

Pregnancy physical changes in leg

What are the pregnancy physical changes?
What are the pregnancy physical changes?

This is called Veriose Wein. The problem begins and the fluids increase when the head of the child grows up. Thus, there is a stagnation of blood stains. These vessels are blue in color due to the upper part of the skin. This will increase foot pain. Avoid standing for a long time. Keep your feet at rest and relax. This problem will be fine after delivery. If that is true then approach the blood vein therapist and get treatment. Joint Pain

Swollen bare feet

What are the pregnancy physical changes?
What are the pregnancy physical changes?

They are swollen because they do not have to carry extra weight. Ankle area is painful. That is why doctors advise you to increase the size of shoes. Follow the following ways and get rid of the calf.

  • Wash the feet with water and wipe them with the cloth.
  • If you have lotion, apply them on the feet and gently massage.
  • Hold the feet with the hands and pull it back and forth.
  • If you always wave your fingers, take small arms by hand.
  • It is a good thing to do the exercises that keep the fingers in place.


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