Pregnant Women Need Best Food Per Day

Pregnant Women Need
Pregnant Women Need

pregnant women need vitamin and calcium for their health. But these compliments we do not get from normal foods. So many doctors recommended taking iron and polishing pills for their health. Some compliment needs for some situation. These iron pills are must for pregnant women need. It may be necessary for those with a lack of calcium due to lack of milk or non-drinking milk and availability of B12 vitamin because of the vegetarian diet. Pregnant women need most healthy food so instead of that, we do not use pills much.

Pregnant Women Need Food Allocations 

Food                         Needs                       Calories

Cereals                       40 gms                        120

Grains                        20 gms                         55

Milk                           100 gms                        85

Sugar                         15 gms                         50

Total                                                                    310


Pregnant women usually eat and add some nutrients to the above-mentioned qualities.

Pregnant Women Need Enough Food

Excessive eating is less likely to be eaten than a baby in a pregnant woman’s stomach. So pregnant woman should eat moderately.

pregnant woman eating too much can lead to obesity and causes digestion disorders. Complications during pregnancy are more likely to cause miscarriage and toxemias. However, most women who are mother’s in India are given high-calorie foods. These are incorrect. Normally pregnant women have 250 calories in daily meals. Pregnancy Term Calories

A pregnant woman can increase the amount of milk per day to 600 ml. Three or four times a week pregnant woman can eat a cheese. It is best to eat nuts or meat, fish and eggs regularly. Adequately add fresh vegetables and fruits into the diet.

Diet Plan For Pregnancy

Morning-7 am:

A cup of tea, five or six pieces of dates, two or three biscuits or bread rusk.

Morning-8.30 am:

Bread slices two or a cup of porridge or rice cake two or a little veggies chapati two, a piece of cheese or one egg and a glass of milk.

Morning-11 am:

A cup of grained grain, fresh fruits.

Afternoon-1 pm:

Three or four chapattis or three spoons of rice, a cup of dal, a cup of vegetables, a cup of curd, a little plate of salad.

Evening-4 pm:

A glass of milkshake or one cheese san-veg or dosa.

Night-8.30 pm:

Three or four chapattis or three spoons of rice, a spoon of dal, a spoon of vegetables, a cup of curd, paneer or meat, a cup of fish or mutton and a little plate of salad.

Night-9.30 pm: 

A cup of milk.

This diet plan is very important for pregnant women to need and also for their good health.


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