Sunlight Water

Sunlight Water
Sunlight Water

Sunlight gives more strength through the water. It gives oxygen from water which helps the living organisms.The sunlight water is the major need for oxygen.Due to this, the sun is being worshiped by many people.Water therapist Dr.kallee said that “whenever we drink sunlight water, 40% of oxygen and nitrogen is being obtained by our body.Which helps to cure the tissues and provides them strength.”

How To Get Sunlight Water?

Most of the natural water contains sunlight in it.Due to this, it gets oxygen content of about 60%.The sunlight water gives strength to the tissues and bones.To get pure water keep the water in the sunlight for around 1.5 hours.By doing this we get sunlight water with purity.

If you are using the water bottle, you can put them in sunlight for 1 hour to make them pure. You can also put them for 2 to 3 hours to get sunlight water.So you get more sunlight energy in it.

Know The Level To Drink:-

If you are drinking sunlight water daily then follow these levels.You may also visit

  •  one hour sunlight, water:  Drink 1 glass of water.
  •  two hours sunlight, water: Drink 1/2 glass of water.
  •  four hours sunlight, water: Drink 1/4 glass of water.

Usage Of Rain Water:

Earlier days people use rainwater for various purposes. Because it is very pure and safe. Rainwater contains sunlight strength, lighting strength etc., Our intestinal can easily suck the rainwater. Since it is very thin, it has the ability to multiply red and white blood cells.

Rainwater has 30% of oxygen, 61% of nitrogen, 8% of carbon dioxide in it.Sunlight water is as equal as rainwater.People who can not use rainwater can use sunlight water.

Basic Needs:- 

The basic need for all human being is the water.Without it, we can not survive.People do not have any cautious about the disease that will affect in the future.For Example, If he/she gets an acidity he/she can drink 1-3 glasses of water to stop it. To stop acidity you can drink water along with cumin seeds.

After eating food in any functions and suffering in acidity you can drink water along with lemon juice and a half spoon of salt.This helps to stop the acidity in a second.A headache can also be cured by using dried ginger paste in the head.For the above diseases, you should drink water about 3 glasses of sunlight water.Let’s us all drink sunlight water and lead a happy life with natural medicine.



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