What are Turmeric Roots?


Turmeric roots

Turmeric roots can be used both for cooking and for medicinal purposes. It is dried and powdered for further use. The home remedies for various diseases with turmeric are given below.

For a dry cough

Children before their teenage are easily affected by this as a dry cough is a communicable disease.  A single kid affected by this can end up spreading to the whole peer. So it is best to treat it as soon as possible. Turmeric can be highly useful for this problem. Turmeric, Reeta, and Chaff-flower should be taken 5 grams equally and added with three glasses of water. The above-mentioned ingredients should be condensed into one glass of water using an iron vessel. The condensed water should be filtered and should be consumed three times of a day with palm sugar. This treatment will help in a dry cough and cure it soon.

Turmeric roots for snake poison

It is necessary to break the snake’s poison as soon as possible. Turmeric helps in breaking this poison. The whole turmeric should be heated and kept on the bitten spot. This first aid will give us enough time to treat the bite.

To heal the wounds in the head area

It is unfortunate to get cuts or wounds in the head region, as it is hard to treat it in that area. We have to remove the hair in the region and treat the wounds. Turmeric roots along with paddy should be grounded to a very fine paste. That paste should be applied on the affected area regularly for three days. It will help the wound to heal soon.

For fire burns

Fire burns can happen in many ways like boiled water, boiling oil or direct fire on the skin. The fire burn affected area should be disinfected and must be applied coconut oil on it. Turmeric roots mixed with tamarind barks and the powder should be sprinkled over the burned area. This treatment should be done until the wound gets healed.

Fatigue for pregnant women

Pregnant women often get tired and affected by fatigue. They cannot work and feel lazy most of the time if they feel fatigue. In a clean vessel, grounded garlic pieces, a piece of turmeric, and coriander seeds should be sauteed with two glasses of water. The condensed water should be filtered and stored in a clean container. This drink should be drunk in little quantities throughout the day. It can also be drunk along with sugar to remove fatigue.

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