Uses of Tamarind



Tamarind which gives us a tangy and sour taste is a mandatory product in cooking. Most of the foods are prepared with taste with the help of tamarind. Though it is mostly used in cooking, it can be used also in home remedies. It acts as a remedy for many pains.

To remove the poison of the scorpion

This home remedy should be done immediately after its bite. A lemon sized tamarind should be mixed with the same amount of limestone and made it as a ball. This ball should be made into a ball with our bare hands as it passes our body heat to the ball. This should be pressed in the place of the body where the scorpion’s bite. At the same time, the affected person should take nine pepper balls in a betel leaf and should eat it. She/he should also eat some slices of coconut to control the poison from entering the body. This will help as a great first aid to go before the treatment.

Tamarind for a toothache

People who are affected by tooth decay will face frequent toothaches. Those people should follow the home remedy given below.  The flesh of this fruit along with salt should be mended properly and kept in the painful area and kept the mouth shut. After half an hour it should spit out and gargle with hot water. It will help to cure the pain.

To dissolve blood clots

People tend to get blood clots if they hit somewhere in the body. To dissolve those blood clots, the following method is followed. Tamarind should be ground with some sea salt; this mixture should be put in an iron vessel. This mixture should be added with water and made it into a curry. When the above curry starts to boil, some camphor should be added inside the curry. And it should be kept aside after the camphor dissolves in it. This curry should be applied to the place of blood clot before the heat goes off. This method should be applied three times a day to get rid of blood clots.

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