Uses of Tomato fruit


Tomato fruit for glowing skin

Tomato fruit juice can be consumed for dryness during fever. Copper salt in tomato aids in giving the glow to the skin. This salt also reduces the shade of the skin color. Irritation during urination, swelling of the body and intestinal problems can be cured by regular consumption of tomato juice.

Bilious vomiting

People who are suffering from frequent fever, bilious vomiting, constipation, indigestion, and gastric troubles can drink a glass of tomato juice to get rid of those problems. Persons with heartburns need to consume tomato fruit juice in empty stomach regularly. A pinch of salt and pepper should be added to this drink which also reduces the body weight.

Tomato for Anemia and Asthma

Cures Asthma Patients
Cures Asthma Patients

Iron in this fruit helps in digestion, Vitamin C in this fruit absorbs the necessary iron from this fruit. So anemia can be easily cured by the intake of this fruit. Three to four tomatoes should be used to prepare the juice, which should be taken once in a day. Tomato can cure diseases like asthma, tuberculosis, lung infection, and problems in the respiratory system. The following method should be followed to cure asthma. These people should eat Four to five garlic along with their dinner and must drink tomato juice before going to bed. A spoon of honey and a pinch of cardamon powder should be added to this tomato juice. Persons who could not chew garlic can swallow them before drinking this juice. This treatment will treat not only asthma but also cure a cold, indigestion, constipation and intestinal problems. This treatment also induces hunger.

Protects Eyes

A ripen tomato fruit contains a liberal amount of vitamin B2 in it which relaxes the nervous system and aids in the functioning. So eating tomato will keep us active and healthy forever. Riboflavin aids in the protection and health of eyes. It cures the irritation in the eyes and relaxes it. This also prevents the formation of cataract in the eyes. Beta-carotene in this fruit acts as vitamin A and protects the eyes. Vitamin b2 also provides a glow to the skin and gives a radiant glow to the body. It also removes wrinkles and darkness in the skin.

Cures Cancer

Phyto Keratine in this fruit acts as an antioxidant and kills the cancer cells responsible for breast cancer and testicular cancer. Vitamin B1 in this fruit also protects the body from cancer. Women who do not do household chores, need to drink tomato juice regularly to avoid breast cancer. The endometrium is protected by this vitamin in this fruit. Vitamin A in this fruit protects the nerves and keeps them healthy. It aids in the supply of oxygen to the cells. So the wrinkles in the skin can be avoided and slow down aging. As it keeps every cell healthy, the body will be active and extends our life with happiness

Tomato as Love Fruit 

Tomato - Love Fruit
Tomato – Love Fruit

Tomato can be consumed as juice, salad or soup as the calcium in this fruit does the magic of healing knee pain and knee swelling. People with knee problems need to have carrot, applepear or tomato. As the above-mentioned foods provide boron salt, people with knee problems need to consume any one of those foods regularly. So that the knee problems will be cured in short span. Tomato soup is provided before the feast to induce hunger. Tomato is also called as love fruit or love apple as it produces love in us. We too can love tomato to get cured of all sorts of health problems.

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