Medicinal uses of Wood apple

Wood apple
Wood apple

Wood apple is founded in southern parts of India, this tree can grow up to 40 feet. As the skin of this fruit is made of wood and difficult to break, we call it as wood apple. Consuming of this fruit is quite easy, after breaking the shell of this fruit, the pulp can be eaten raw or sugar can be mixed with the pulp to consume. Eating this fruit in the morning will reduce the bile juice secretion.

Wood apple and its uses

Wood apple juice and its benefits
Wood apple juice and its benefits

Wood apple aids in curing, throat ulcers, stomach ulcers, and bad breath. Eating the pulp raw helps in curing diarrhea and induce hunger. This fruit can be made into juice for consuming, as it acts as a tonic for fatigue and indigestion. This tonic cools the body and strengthens spleen reducing the chances of getting affected by jaundice. This fruit either raw or as a juice aids in curing cough, cold, heart diseases, dryness, asthma and eye-related problems. It also helps the women with irregular periods, not getting interested in sex, and indigestion. To stop frequently occurring hiccups, the pulp of this fruit mixed with tamarind and salt will aid in stopping it.

To remove Bile Juice

Persons with psoriasis and itching can have this fruit to get rid of it. To thrust out bile juices, the following juice can be consumed. A spoon of honey with a couple of cardamoms mixed with the pulp of this fruit should be ground together. This mixture should be filtered, and the juice should be gulped in empty stomach to make it effective. This juice not only cures bile juice problems but also prevents the formation of cancer tumors in breasts. This juice also increases the chances of getting pregnant.

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Medicinal benefits

Leaves of this fruit and its medicinal qualities
Medicinal benefits of this tree and its leaves

Calcium is needed for the contraction of muscles in the heart. Likewise, carbohydrates phosphorous salt, and fat are required for cell regeneration. All the above nutrients are liberal in this fruit along with copper. Copper in Wood apple helps in curing over bleeding for women. The stem, raw fruit, leaves, and bark of this tree also contains medicinal properties. Crushed leaves along with milk can be consumed for intestinal problems and diarrhea. This procedure can be taken by all ages. The juice of the leaves also helps in curing foot cracks and dryness in skin.

Bark of this fruit

The bark of this tree should be boiled and the boiled water can be drunk by the people who are suffering from bile juice problems. Persons who are suffering from frequent urination, heartburn, and other similar problems can boil the bark in milk to get rid of those problems. This milk will also help with the free flow of blood and strengthen the body. As the whole tree is possessed with medicinal properties, it is wise to use it in our day to day life as much as possible.



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